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Hinako and the Long-Lost Onii-chan

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Finally knowing how Rintarou Kira seems to know Hinako’s true identity, her time at the school may eventually come to an end, especially with Houou now returning to Shishiku.

Kenka Banchou Otome

The episode opens with yet another documentary-style anecdote with Kira saying how he first suspected something off with Hinako. And after talking to her a few times, he knew for sure who she was due to the strong resemblance to his “little sister” from the childrens home.

Yuta arrives to meet Kira by a riverbed, offering a one-on-one fight. He adds that Kira being hung over “some nonsense” has been getting on his nerves, which Kira insists has nothing to do with him. He hauls off and charges at Kira, griping over the hypocrisy of Kira telling him he hasn’t changed when he’s just as hung up on “ancient history.” Yuta then reveals he hasn’t been able to call himself the top second-year ever since Hinako and her friends saved him at the concert, asking who’s going to keep them in line is Kira doesn’t get his act together. Their energy spent, they give up the fight. Kira says that he never asked to be the top second-year or to get involved with Hinako’s troupe, but admits Yuta has a point and he can’t keep running away from his feelings.

Meanwhile, Hinako runs into Houou and momentarily forgets her cover and who he is. She manages to recover and call him “Nii-san,” which surprises him (since the real Hikaru was always less than pleased to see him). He explains his return as some sort of trouble has caused him to repeat the term, despite being the “top of the pile.” He also commends Hinako for becoming the top first-year, commenting they seem to be lively this year. Hinako carries on about her friends, noting Totomaru’s remarkable grades and what a good older brother Takayuki is unlike hers (but she quickly changes gears). Houou then tells her things are going to be tougher than she imagines and to tell him if anything happens, assuring her that her worries will disappear if she can get used to the school’s atmosphere. He advises her to think about what she cares about and fight for it.

Later that evening, it seems both Kira and Hinako have decided to stop running and face each other, with Hinako’s “bros” once again tagging along.

Now that we know the connection between Kira and Hinako, I’m wondering if her secret will finally be exposed and how her friends will react to it. I’m pretty sure Totomaru might be okay with it (after he gets over having his ass handed to him by a girl). Takayuki might have a slight issue, but saving his brother might rank higher than her pretending to be a boy in his book. There are three more episodes left to the series, so hopefully it’s a fun ride all the way till the end.

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