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Hinako Faces a New Opponent

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While it is a tad confusing, this series has proved to be fairly interesting. Still can’t get used to having such short episodes, though. Since there was no episode preview, I didn’t have much to expect with this week’s episode (aside from hoping to hear Shouta Aoi ^_^).

Kenka Banchou Otome

Hinako comes across some punks picking on a young boy whose older brother apparently attends Shishiku Academy. As they’ve been hassled by students from Shishiku before, they decide to take the kid’s lunch money as “an advance on our reparations.” Hinako steps in and tells the kid to run. Rather than chase after him, the punks decide to take their reparations from her instead. She prepares to defend herself, despite being outnumbered, and easily defeats all three of them. One of them attempts to attack her from behind, but just then Takayuki Konparu walks by and flips him, saying he was “in the way.” Recognizing him from the first day, Hinako thanks him, but Takayuki brushes it off saying he wasn’t trying to help her.

Later at school, Totomaru shows Hinako a diagram of sorts breaking down her position in the school’s hierarchy, with himself beside Hinako as her “best bro.” He points out that the top two first-years are her and “this guy,” who turns out to be Takayuki. Totomaru then points out the second-year bosses: Yuta Mirako and Rintarou Kira, the one who confronted her at the lockers. The hierarchy even includes her “older brother” Houou Onigashima, a former third-year boss who supposedly took over the school a month after enrolling.

Totomaru tells her that she’ll need to take down all the bosses in order to rule Shishiku, and to start with Takayuki, a first-year in the Wisteria Class. He is apparently considered invincible after emerging undefeated from 153 fights. Despite Totomaru’s encouragement, Hinako isn’t convinced that Takayuki will agree to fight her since he thinks fighting is ridiculous. Meanwhile, Takayuki cooks dinner for his younger siblings (as if I needed another reason to like him ^_^), one of whom happens to be the kid Hinako saved earlier. The kid says his rescuer was “cute-looking, but really cool” and Takayuki tells him to thank “him” if he sees them again.

With pressure from Totomaru and even her “brother” to take over the first-year class, Hinako continually challenges Takayuki to a fight, but as expected he declines each time. Finally, she and Totomaru find a letter in her locker which turns out to be a challenge from Takayuki.

The whole documentary style seems a little distracting sometimes. Some narration is fine, but I’m wondering what’s the point of making it look like a documentary. I also find myself hoping Hinako doesn’t turn out to be another ditzy heroine. She doesn’t seem to understand terms like “shakedown” or “bros.” I get that living in orphanages her whole life, she’s bound to miss a thing or two, but you wouldn’t think she’d be this clueless. Also, news of Yoshimasa Hosoya (voice of Rintarou Kira) going on hiatus had me wondering if he’ll be recast in this series. Well whatever happens, I’ll be sticking this series out till the end.

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