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Hinako Faces a Whole New Challenge

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Since I had a busy week, I hadn’t given this episode too much forethought. And until I watched it, I’d forgotten we were looking forward to a face off between Hinako and Kira.

Kenka Banchou Otome

Kenka Banchou Otome

This time, we open with a flashback of Hinako at the childeren’s home, being picked on for not having parents. Then a boy, who we now know is Rintarou Kira, chases off the bullies, calling himself Hinako’s brother and saying anyone who picks on her is going to pay. He then promises Hinako that he’ll protect her no matter what, and from that point on she starts calling him “Onii-chan.” Kira also encourages her to get stronger so she can protect herself and anyone else who needs help.


Having reunited at Shishiku Academy, Kira and Hinako meet up on the school roof for a showdown. Kira once again tells her to leave the school, and to stop fighting and live like a girl (which confuses her friends). Hinako refuses, still asserting that she is Hikaru Onigashima. She states that she now has friends, and although they were scary at first, she’s come to see they’re really good people and they have fun together. Kira asks how she plans to survive the school’s environment since she “used to be a crybaby,” and she wordlessly challenges him to a fight. He accepts and they go at it, both landing blows and missing completely. Hinako deals a decisive blow and Kira relents, having felt the earnestness in her punches. He concedes that she is Hikaru Onigashima and even relinquishes the top second-year spot.

In another documentary anecdote, Kira says that he’d always wondered what happened to Hinako over the years, since they were only together at the home for six months. It seems he’d thought that if “Hikaru” was the same person, that he could protect her again. While Hinako’s friends rejoice in her new victory, Kira declares she now has the strength to face trouble and that she’s no longer alone. Hinako silently replies that she only became strong because she’d looked up to him.


Sometimes, I wish this series had one of those “In the next episode” previews. Catching a glimpse at the next episode, it seems rumors that “Hikaru Onigashima” is a girl and spreading like crazy all over the internet. Things are about to get very interesting and very complicated for our friends.

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