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Hinako Faces Another New Challenge….Or Is It A Complication?

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Since this series has no next episode previews, I didn’t know what to expect from it.

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The episode opens with one of the documentary-style anecdotes we’ve become so familiar with. Yuta Mirako, the idol plastered on the walls of Hikaru and Hinako’s apartment, says that his solo debut was set to take place at Shishiku Academy, where he himself once attended. He believes the whole arrangement was a “totally transparent attempt to generate buzz,” but that apparently didn’t matter to him. Although, it seems he no longer thought that after meeting Hinako.

One day, Hinako and her “posse” come across Yuta surrounded by a crowd of fangirls. He turns in their direction and Hinako instantly recognizes him from Hikaru’s posters. Yuta approaches, asking if Hinako is one of his fans. When asked what he’s doing at Shishiku, he explains that he’s a second-year in the Cherry Blossom Class. He even notes that Hinako’s earnestness make her come across as naïve, thinking she might be his type. She tells him she’s a boy (a little hesitantly maybe), and Yuta wonders how he could’ve mistaken her for a girl. He adds that he’ll be dropping by the school for a while and that next time he can be more thorough in finding out if she’s truly a boy.

Totomaru and Takayuki interject, informing him that Hinako is the top first-year despite her mild-mannered appearance. This seems to make him back off, commenting that the first-years don’t seem to amount to much. Later, he meets with Rintarou Kira up on the roof who tells him to stop messing with the first-years. He even wonders out loud if Hinako really is a boy, but assures Kira that he won’t do anything about it because of her “pains in the ass” friends. Kira comments that Yuta hasn’t changed at all and that he’s “still torn up over ancient history.”

Elsewhere, Hinako reflects on her encounter with Yuta and her much earlier encounter with Rintarou Kira, both of whom seem to suspect she’s not really a boy. At some point, she falls asleep and Yuta finds her, almost completely convinced she’s a girl and skeptical that she’s the top first-year. Hinako then wakes up to find him hovering over her. Knowing he’s one of the top second-years, she challenges him to a fight to prove whether or not she’s a girl. She insist she’ll be fine without her “bros” to back her up since they have nothing to do with it, and Yuta agrees, saying friends only end up betraying you when you need them. She asks what it is about her friends that bothers him, which seems to throw him off, saying it sounds like “something Rintarou would say.” Just then, Houou Onigashima arrives at the school, having been gone for “six months and nine days.”

I’m hoping they’ll explain the whole documentary style in the end, ‘cause I can’t figure it out. If the whole series is a flashback, that’d be one thing. But if that’s the case, why couldn’t they just flash forward briefly at the beginning? Also, Hinako sometimes seems a little too into this playacting, constantly insisting that she’s a boy when Yuta questions it. I am wondering if he truly believes she’s a girl, since he seems to keep dancing between “maybe” and “maybe not.” Looking at the ending credits, it seems Yoshimasa Hosoya hasn’t been recast as Kira in spite of his hiatus. I assume, like with Starmyu, he finished recording before his health became an issue. With Houou’s appearance at the end, I’m now wondering if this will unravel the whole “Hinako is Hikaru” façade.

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