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Hinako/Hikaru’s New Life

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I really don’t know what I expected from this anime beyond Shouta Aoi. I was happy to hear his voice, though it was pretty short and his voice was deeper than I expected, kind of like his cameo in Kiss Him Not Me. But I guess I should’ve expected that since the series is about delinquents.

Our heroine Hinako enters a school building covered in graffiti. Some boys in the yard call out Takayuki Konparu, challenging him to a fight, but he brushes them off as a waste of his energy. Hinako reaches the assembly hall to find the male students in an all-out brawl, which apparently is Shishiku’s version of an entrance ceremony. Before she can get dragged into the insanity, she’s “rescued” by Totomaru Minowa, declaring he’s going to the “boss of the first-years.”

They leave the room while he writes off the other goons as lightweights deluding themselves by thinking they could the first-year boss, though the absence of “two big shots” kept him from really proving himself. He resolves to protect Hinako as she comes off like an airhead and because he hates seeing “guys” like her get picked on. She then introduces herself as Hikaru Onigashima, which appears to have a sour effect on Totomaru. He now thinks her spacey-ness was a “pretty nasty trick” and challenges her to a fight. Hinako merely dodges his blows, but then suddenly strikes back and knocks him on his feet.

There are quite a few flashbacks involving an unknown boy (probably her brother) telling her that her “mission” is to attend Shishiku Academy and “rise to the top.” She periodically reflects on things she learned “that day” in what at least seems to be either a documentary or some sort of therapy session. She mentions a few times that was the day she realized just how beautiful cherry blossoms were, only because a few petals floated through the window during her scuffle with Totomaru. Seems like an odd thing to say especially considering this is not a typical school anime, but apparently seeing the cherry blossoms that day made her feel like she was going to become a different person and resolves to being “Hikaru Onigashima.”

I was surprised to find out the episode was eight minutes long, but in retrospect, the information was there and I didn’t notice (probably ’cause we tend to automatically assume they’re all gonna be 24-minute episodes). As far as premiere episodes go, it wasn’t terrible especially considering the time length, but it does leave me hoping for more of a plot in future episodes.

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