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Hinako Receives a Challenge…and a New Friend

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Based on the end of the previous episode, I certainly expected this one to pick up where it left off.  With the flashbacks and documentary-style anecdotes, the other episodes didn’t really follow that format, so it’s a nice change of pace.

Kenka Banchou Otome

Kenka Banchou Otome

Having received a letter of challenge from Takayuki Konparu, Hinako meets with him in an empty greenhouse with Totomaru acting as her backup. Takayuki demands that she return his little brother Minoru, apparently thinking she had kidnapped him. Just then, some punks outside tell Hinako they picked up “Konparu’s little bro” like she supposedly asked, and Hinako recognizes the boy as the one she saved from being shaken down. The ringleader then pulls out a knife and threatens to hurt Minoru if anyone tries to help him. Takayuki charges at Hinako but she blocks his punches and throws a few of her own, still intent on talking some sense into him.


When she finally gets him to pause, she continually professes her innocence. Takayuki still refuses to believe her until Minoru runs over and hugs him, having been freed by Totomaru, who also took care of the thugs. Minoru then identifies Hinako as the “cute guy” who helped him earlier and thanks her for it. Takayuki apologizes to Hinako, ashamed at himself for not only misunderstanding but throwing the first punch. He accepts her as boss of the first-years and Totomaru welcomes him into their gang.

Hinako Takayuki

At first, my liking Takayuki was pretty biased by his seiyuu (who sounds even sexier with this tough guy voice ^_^). After the last two episodes, seeing him taking care of his younger siblings, I have a more substantial reason to like him. I kinda like the caring big brother character types, especially when they fight tooth and nail to keep the younger ones safe. I don’t think that explains every fight he ever got into, but it does make you see he’s a really kindhearted individual and will make a loyal companion for Hinako. Given how the previous episodes have been, I didn’t these last two to fit back to back so neatly. I certainly we see that more often in the remaining episodes.

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