Hinako Reunites with an Old Acquaintance

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With the whole business with Yuta, I figured next we were gonna find out just how Rintarou Kira knows about Hinako. He certainly seems to know she’s not really Hikaru, but I have been wondering how.

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On the Shishiku Academy rooftop, the newly returned Houou Onigashima meets up with Kira and apologizes for leaving him to look after the place. He then notices Kira watching some students down on the ground, who happen to be Hinako and her friends. Totomaru invites her to the arcade while Takayuki insists she train with him. She declines them both however, saying she has somewhere to be. Houou comments how worried he was about “Hikaru” since he always hated fighting, but is relieved to see “him” getting along with others. Kira then asks if Hinako really is Houou’s “little brother.”

Meanwhile, Hinako returns to the children’s home she’d previously lived in to finish some paperwork regarding her move. Upon arriving, she spends some time catching up with the director. He tells her that he was shocked when her “brother” suddenly showed up and asks how things are going with her family. He then asks how she’s doing in school, obviously still under the impression she’s attending an all girls school. Hinako says her school is a lot of fun and that she and her friends fight all the time. Realizing she misspoke, she quickly adds that she meant fight martial arts in a school club. The director reminisces that even though they thought self defense to all the kids, Hinako was always the most motivated because of a boy she called “onii-chan.” Hinako admits that she can’t remember what the boy looks like anymore, but remembers that he was good at fighting and helped people who were bullied.

Sometime afterwards, Kira calls her out to the rooftop and naturally her friends tag along, wanting to see how a one-on-one between bosses would play out. Kira assures them that he wasn’t looking for a fight and asks Hinako how long she’s going to “keep this act up.” He tells her she doesn’t need to keep lying about her identity and boldly declares that she isn’t Hikaru Onigashima, much to the confusion of her friends. He continues to reveal her secrets, despite her protesting. As he walks past, he quietly says “If anything happens, I’ll protect you.” Though her friends are still confused, Kira’s parting words seems to struck a chord with Hinako, suddenly realizing that Kira is her long-lost “onii-chan.”

I had always wondered if Kira really did know who Hinako really was, or at least that she wasn’t Hikaru. But about halfway through the episode, I did suspect something about him. And when he said that line to her, I was like “I knew it! He’s onii-chan!” I think it’s the first time I’ve been really engrossed in this series since the episode with Takayuki’s brother. This series certainly has been more exciting than I expected, and since it’s due to end soon, I’m wondering if Hinako’s secret will be revealed to everyone.

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