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Hinako’s Resolve – The Boss Fights Back

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Once again, I was half expecting Hinako to come clean, at least to her friends, about her true identity. Being the final episode, it did certainly feel like the end, but at the same time, it kind of left a lot of things unanswered.

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Having heard rumors that Shishiku’s rising boss is actually a girl (not knowing it’s actually true), some delinquents from a nearby school arrive to challenge Hinako. Fortunately, Hinako’s friends gather around her to fend them off, refusing to let anyone talk smack about their boss. They all reflect on “Hikaru’s” impact on them: Totomaru respecting Hinako’s skills and kindness, Takayuki resolving to get stronger and fight her again, Yuta regaining faith in friendship, and Kira letting go of the past. With the more faith they put in her, Hinako felt as though her lie was growing heavier.

Just then, Houou shows up and tells her that if she can’t overcome this, then she can never truly rise to the top or live up to her friends’ faith. Encouraging her to show it with her own fists, Hinako joins the fray, declaring that she will remain at Shishiku with them, the first friends she ever made, and rise to the top. The other students rally around her, deciding they no longer care what some other school has to say. Afterwards, the real Hikaru showed up at Shishiku in Hinako’s place to “prove” that he really is a guy only to find that the student body no longer cares (and that it’s a letdown after the fight).

At some point, Houou explains to Hinako that Oyamada, the rival school’s ringleader, was Shishiku’s former top second-year. Since Houou ended up repeating a year, Oyamada chose to leave the school and thus lost his top status. Hinako reflects that the fight taught her a lot and resolves to return to the school. She thanks her friends for backing her up, which they dismiss as “That’s what friends do” and encourage her to focus on taking over the third-year class. She resolves to live up to their expectations as her first friends, and they’re surprised to learn that part was true.

With that kind of ending, it does leave you kinda hopeful that there will be more someday. It was a little confusing overall, with the whole documentary anecdotes and whatnot, but I did enjoy it and would love to see more. I’ve said before a good anime has some amount of gender ambiguity and awkward moments, so I’d love to see one of the guys find out Hinako’s secret and maybe start to fall for her? ^_^ I never really thought to ship anyone, but if I had to, my money’s on Totomaru probably ’cause he was the first friend she made and was quick to accept her as his boss. Well, all that’s left is to continue the dub and watch the horizon for news.

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