Is Wishing the Anime World Was a Reality a Good Thing?

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Ever had days where you wish that you could be as strong as Goku? Or even wished that Gundam Wings were real? Have you ever thought that your ‘reality’ is so boring that if you had the chance to wish for your aspects of your favorite Anime to come to life, your ‘reality’ wouldn’t be so boring anymore? Many of us, if not all of us, have had times in our lives where we wanted things to be different. We wished that hover boards or cool robots existed, or that we had super human powers. It wouldn’t be surprising if anyone had at one point wished to have special traits or aspects of our lives, or even aspects of ourselves, changed. However what always brings us back from the fantasy to the reality, is that cold truth that these things won’t ever exist because it’s not humanly possible. Imagine to yourselves for a minute that by some lucky break in the universe, you came across a way to have your favorite Anime, or even certain traits of that Anime become a reality. Imagine you could wish to have the strength and fighting prowess of Saitama, or one of your favorite ‘Waifu’ come to life, or even have the NerveGear system in Sword Art Online come to fruition. The possibilities are endless, yet a question comes to mind; is it really a good thing to have these aspects merge or become a reality?

The short answer to all of this is, ‘it really depends on which Anime or which aspect you want to come to life’. The reason why I say that it depends, is totally because of the fact that each Anime is different. Wishing to have Vertical Maneuvering Equipment has a different implication as to wishing Poke’mon existed. Essentially it comes down to consequence, impact, and severity.

The consequence of that ‘thing’ existing in this world has great implications on not only, your reality, but everyone. If I could use an example as wishing a Death Note existed in your reality. The questions then begin to arise; What would you do with it? Use it do end wars before they happen? Bring swift justice to those that had committed crimes? Stop bullying? Make the world a much better place? Sounds a bit like the situation with Light Yagami, and we all know how that turned out (if you don’t watch Death Note XD). But one can always argue, you have it under control, or you won’t take it to that level of extreme, but who is to say that things won’t get to that level? Choice is always a weird thing to play around with, we can choose the action, but we can’t choose the consequences. One of the consequences that come to mind would be the sudden existence of Shinigami like Ryuk (given that they don’t already exist and we just don’t know). Who is to say then that other people won’t get Death Notes? Now this has just blown out of proportion because there are certain consequences and implications that we didn’t think about initially. Another example of consequence would then be wishing we had Magical Powers. A great anime that can help put this into perspective is Puella Magi Madoka Magica (or Madoka the Magical Girl). This is a great example of the consequences of wishing can turn into.

Another question to really consider is, how would this wish impact reality? Positively or Negatively? I can do a lot of good with super powers, but I could also cause a lot of grief. In wishing for the super powers alone, would that cause the Universe to try and balance out the equation and thus other super humans are made? Would that mean I have a responsibility associated with these super powers? Even more questions come to light. Let’s use another example of wishing that you could make the NerveGear gaming system in Sword Art Online was a reality. You’d be ridiculously rich, and the gaming community would love you for it. However, would that further increase humanity’s dependence on technology in a good way or a bad way? It impacts greatly on you and your society, all because of a simple wish to have that system become a reality. Even simply wishing you could play basketball like Kuroko or any of the Generation of MIracles from Kuroko no Basuke would impact greatly. It would change the way we play the game forever. But is that change really a good thing?

Now depending on how big or small the wish is, can determine how severe the impact and consequences will be. When I say severe I mean how large or small the impact, and/or consequence will be. Lets take another example; let’s wish that you could be a ninja like Naruto. This would mean that the Hidden Villages would become a reality, a hierarchy such as the Kages would then come into play and lots of other changes would occur as well. See how this simple wish can have severe impacts and consequences? Let’s opt for something a little smaller, like wishing you can cook like Souma from Food Wars. Well, first off, be ready to see people getting ughhh…sexually aroused(?) because of your cooking. Second, what will you do with it? Cook for family, set up a restaurant? Either way, because of that change, even though it is a small thing, consequences tend to ripple out and impact others as well.

The last thing I want to talk about is why we wish for these changes to happen. This type of thinking is Escapism. We want to ‘escape’ from our realities and be like someone else. The extreme would be to wish to become someone else entirely. We find a lot of faults in our reality that we want to change, and seek a better us. I will conclude here by saying that there isn’t anything wrong with wishing that we had super powers, or to wish that hover boards existed. It’s human nature, and we seek for improvement because of our wishes and dreams. It is never wrong to dream, or to wish, for these will lead us to our ‘better’ selves. However if you ever come across 7 Dragon Balls and wish to change the world so that your favorite Anime universe comes to life, you may want to consider first the implications of that wish. Had I the opportunity to wish to make the One Punch Man universe come to life, all hell will break lose and we’d get monster attacks left right and center, not to mention I’d be bald. With great power, comes great responsibility. With that said I hope this sheds a bit of light on whether wishing for our favorite anime to become a reality will be a good thing.  We want to know, what would you wish for if you could make any aspect of Anime come to life, let us know in the comments below. This is your boy, NicoNicoEldries, signing out.


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