Anime Bloggers Unite!


We’re Looking for People Like You!

Unime’s always looking for unique bloggers to add to our crew. Veterans and upcoming journalist who love anime and have knowledge in most of anime’s genres. Our rapidly growing fanbase of anime fans is due to all the awesome articles we put out everyweek.  There’s no experience required.

Each blogger’s required to at least write one article every 7 days and participate in group meetings. All articles are setup for specific dates so thinking up, drafting and submitting articles for approval is very simple. Feel free select whether you prefer to review manga or anime and even both. Making you more comfortable is just another step in making you a successful blogger here at Unime!

Position Summary 

  1. Article : Able to have at least one article drafted, proof read( by yourself or fellow staff member) and have it submitted for pending review every 7 days.
  2. Staff Meetings : Participate in staff meetings held 1~2 times every week. A Skype account is required and microphone is highly preferred.
  3. Manga & Anime Experience : Have a vast knowledge of both anime and manga with at least 2+ years of experience.
  4. Guide and Rule’s Wall : You will be to quickly jump into perfecting your articles and sharing it with the world with our guide for your success.
  5. Presentation Article : All new bloggers must create a article detailing what made you start watching anime or reading manga.

Below fill out the application and you will be reviewed as soon as possible!

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