Juice=Juice – Jidanda Dance/Feel! Kanjiru yo

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I have been following Juice=Juice ever since their first indies single. And despite losing a member just before their major debut, these girls haven’t disappointed me yet. Admittedly, their singles have included the occasional unremarkable song, but in general, these are very talented young ladies.

Jidanda Dance

The video opened with the girls wearing masks and outfits like taiko drummers, so I expected a festival vibe. And it was for a few seconds.

Most of the lyrics were a girl (or all of them) complaining about bad luck she’s suffered. Sweets were sold out right as she got to the front of the line, she went to a café to find out it was closed, and as a result she ends up binge-eating. But she decides to end her misfortune by going to karaoke alone.

I don’t know what I expected from it, but the song had mixed levels of high and low energy. In some ways, the dance reminded me of Berryz Koubou’s “Yuke Yuke Monkey Dance.” Although, that song was a little more themed and the lyrics actually talked about monkeys. I know a lot of times Jpop lyrics don’t have to make sense, but I thought there’d be some tie-in to the title.

Feel! Kanjiru yo

From the first note, this song had a very lighthearted ballad-like feeling, with the lyrics featuring positive messages like “If you’re only thinking, nothing with begin” and “Don’t rush yourself.” The overall message seems like the singer wants the listeners to take their time and enjoy everything like the “delicious water” and the “sea breeze.”

I kind of thought the song would be more about loving a special someone, but I did like the universal love vibe. Singing about the beauty of the world isn’t something new to this group, as shown with their 6th single Wonderful World, but I haven’t noticed such a smooth ballad tone since Tsuzuiteku STORY. I may have mixed feelings about the lead title on this single, but this song certainly feels like a winner.

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