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Just 3 Of Many Reasons Why The 90’s Was Awesome

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Monster Anime Guyver BioBoosted Armor Speedgrapher

The Golden Age Of Anime

If you grew up in the late 90’s and early 2000’s then you know first hand how awesome anime was. With titles like Rouroni Kenshin, Yu Yu Hakusho, Cow Boy Bebop and many more, some didn’t get to shine. It wasn’t the fact that they were less appealing or badly written, rather unseen. With a much bigger platform for sharing information finding out about anime isn’t hard today. Things like the internet, social networking, marketing and better branding has brought hits like One Punch Man and Attack On Titan. We didn’t have any of that back in the 90’s. People in the United States depended on word of mouth and, sadly, cable.

A lot of anime slipped through the cracks due to the lack of technology at the time. But with the rise of the web people gained access to this massive library of anime they’ve never seen. Ask any anime fan how many anime they’ve watched and most will tell you; hundreds. The reason being, as kids and teens in the 90’s they were around during the golden era of anime. New series were popping up almost every week because the industry was booming with competition and a huge demand for new content.

Think of being able to explore the birth of the anime tv genre more because it literally just started to crawl out of its shell. Tons of series to watch all year round along with enough manga and Shōnen Jump to fill your bookshelves. No one can deny that the 90’s and early 2000’s was a period that truly changed the anime TV series genre as a whole. Here are just three of many anime that were released around that time period, which I can truly call my favorites….


( “Naoki Urasawa’s Monster” )

Monster Anime

Centered around Dr. Kenzō Tenma, Monster’s set in East Germany at a time when the Berlin Wall has fallen and Adolf Hitler was finally gone. One day the doctor’s brought a patient, young Jonna, with a bullet wound straight to the temple. Trained as a brain surgeon and considered one of the best, Tenma saves this young boy’s life. Through a mysterious plot of events this very boy has turned Tenma’s world completely upside down. Battling against himself and others Tenma now has to come to terms with his inner demons and end the very life he had once worked so hard t0 save.

Monster was a really interesting show that I even got my girlfriend into watching. Smashed full of plot twist, wall punching moments, and an emotional rollercoaster this series left a huge mark on me. Now maybe it was the character growth of Doctor Tenma or the depths of Jonna’s past, but Monster is forever stuck with me. There is so much more to say about this series but no spoilers here!

Speed Grapher

Speed Grapher

Lying and saying that Speed Grapher is all peddles and roses would be disrespectful. Saiga Tatsumi,  an old war photographer, has seen how cruel and harsh the world can be. Taking photographs of cruelty on both sides not just by weapons but famine and starvation, Tatsumi’s made a name for himself. But when the war is all over what can a man who’s seen the beauty and horrors of the world do? Journalism was the hobby he picked up and what came with it was the violence and crime which filled his city.

Coming home just to see that what you saw on the battlefield in your own city must be a lot. Speed Grapher does its job at showing Tatsumi’s outlook on the world around him as he digs through the filth of his city in order to uncover the truth. When he get a hint of an underground gathering happening involving the wealthy, Tatsumi’s the first on the case. But what he finds at the end of the tunnel is Tennouzu Kagura, a young girl, who has seen and experienced the horrors that the world has too offer. The reason for her suffering, one may ask? Kagura has the power to grant anyone their inner most desires and bring it to light.

(P.S. This is yet another series I got my girlfriend to watch with me. So if you’re trying to get your partner into anime, this is a good one!)

Guyver the Bioboosted Armor

guyver the bioboosted armor

An anime that truly made me think on a deeper level. I started watching the series when I was thirteen years old. Guyver the Bioboosted Armor follows high school student, Shō Fukamachi, who accidentally finds and equips the Guyver unit. The armor gives him the power to shoot high powered lasers from his chest, survive some crazy life threatening situations and tons more. The Bioboosted Armor’s origins are also unknown but one thing is for sure: a higher species left them on earth. Shō’s best friend, Tetsurō Segawa, who is like a brother to him and helps guide him through this crazy situation they got themselves into to. They’ll be fighting other people with other Bioboosted Armors and the sinister Chronos Corporation.

Now, remember when I said that this series made me dig through my mind and think about our world? It made me think, hey this could have actually happened without the armors. What If we were just left here by beings as some kind of experiment? Thoughts like these are exactly what Yoshiki Takaya was maybe trying to provoke from his readers/viewers  while exploring his story. This series even got a Live-Action film in 1991, though it didn’t get good ratings it is worth a watch if you like the anime/manga.

And there’s my quick list of some series that came out in 90s and 21st century. Don’t forget to leave a comment of what you liked or would have added to the list below!

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