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Just One Week?! : Isshuukan Friends Review

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Isshuukan Friends

Author: Matcha Hazuki
Studio: Brain’s Base

If you are looking for a heart-warming anime series in a school setting, then watching Isshuukan Friends would surely suit your taste!

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The story of Isshuukan Friends begins with two second year high school students, Yuki Hase and Kaori Fujimiya. Hase-kun is a young kind-hearted student who has always been interested in becoming friends with Fujimiya-san. Seemingly opposite of him, Fujimiya-san appears to her classmates as a cold hearted person – causing her to be isolated from the rest of the class. It’s not that she hates her situation. After all, it’s some sort of solution to her real problem.

Hase-kun finally gathers all his courage to talk to Fujimiya-san. He asks her to be his friend. Teary-eyed Fujimiya-san politely declines saying, “I appreciate it, but I’m sorry.” This did not bring down all of Hase’s determination however. After hearing from his friend Shogo Kiryu that Fujimiya-san goes to the rooftop for lunch, he dashes out of the classroom to talk to her.

Hase-kun tried his best to no avail. Fujimiya-san kept coughing every time he tries to start a small conversation with her. Even after several failed attempts however, Hase-kun still followed her around. He finally succeeds one afternoon. They start eating lunch together on the rooftop. Undeniably, both of them built happy memories together.

All was going well until Friday came. Fujimiya-san reveals that all of her memories “reset” every week. She forgets every happy memory she has when Monday comes, including those who have been close to her. She even loses the memories she has of her friends. The only exception to her case is her family. This is why she says “I can’t have friends” and has rejected Hase-kun repeatedly.

How will Hase-kun respond? How will he affect Fujimiya’s life?


This anime series contains a pretty simple set up that you would not even think of it as interesting at first glance. There’s no magic, no antagonist to defeat whatsoever. Try watching it though and you will definitely find a jewel in a mine! Isshuukan Friends surely reminds me that sometimes a creator does not have to present a very complicated story to make it touch the heart of its viewers.

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