Kai, Bruno, and a Past Problem

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Since all the princes have had an episode focusing on them, I assumed this episode would be more broad so to speak. I certainly wasn’t surprised to see Count Rosenberg again, now wondering which prince he’s going to try and hurt next. Based on a brief skimming on the episode, it seems we’ll finally get an explanation for some of the rumors Heine gathered about Prince Kai.

Heine and Kai are called into King Viktor’s office, and find Bruno there waiting for them as well. Viktor informs Heine that aside from being groomed for the throne, Granzreich princes have traditionally been sent to military school at age 15. But due to a certain incident a year ago, this tradition has been put on hold. Viktor then shows Heine a tabloid article in that day’s paper exposing “the second prince’s violent episode.” According to the article, Kai and Bruno were enrolled in military school a year ago and used their positions to dominate the school, skipping classes and military exercises. Teachers were supposedly threatened into giving them top grades and anyone who challenged them was beaten into submission. Their tyranny ended when a student, identified as Student R, was found with serious injuries and Kai caught “red-handed” at the scene, thus unleashing the rumor of his violent temper. As a result, Kai was formally suspended and Bruno took a leave of absence, though Student R received an expulsion and claimed to still suffer under “pressure of the state’s power.”

Bruno is quick to argue to article’s inaccuracy, and Heine admits that he’d heard the rumors prior to arriving at the palace but quickly dismissed them upon meeting Kai. Frustrated by the article, Bruno wishes they could crush the newspaper but Viktor reminds him that the citizens have freedom of thought and speech even if they don’t like their speech. Kai then admits there is truth in the fact that he did attack the unnamed student, but Bruno interjects that Kai only did it to protect him. Heine then asks for the true details about the incident and they agree.

Kai was in his second year at the school. Due to his appearance, everyone avoided him but he was able to attend class with no problems. One day, he meets up with Bruno to head home and notices his brother attempting to hide an injury. Bruno insists it was an accident during sword practice and that his sparring partner had already apologized, and Kai seems to believe him. However the next week, Kai notices a bruise on Bruno’s wrist, which the latter again attributes to sword practice and insists there’s nothing to worry about. The “accidents” keep occurring until one day Bruno fails to meet up with Kai after class. Overhearing some other students wondering how long “he” was going to bother with the prince, Kai goes looking for Bruno and finds him in a warehouse being beaten by another student claiming that he’ll toughen up the “soft royal.” Enraged at his brother’s treatment, Kai beats up the student who manages a few blows himself, despite Bruno’s protests. Both Kai and the student were badly injured and were respectively suspended and expelled. In addition, Leonhard and Licht’s admissions to military were put on hold and Bruno took a sabbatical.

Bruno adds that the student, now identified as Ralf von Fuchs, hated them for being royals and thus took out his frustrations on them. Viktor tells Heine that both the police and school investigated the incident at the time and confirmed the princes’ side of the story. He adds that he has already sent a letter of protest to the paper and warns his sons that they’ll likely be subjected to whispers and insults until the issue is resolved. Before returning the paper, Heine notices a second tabloid alleging that a criminal has managed to slip into the palace, though Viktor assures him that he’s been keeping a close eye on it since returning to the palace.

The princes and tutor take their leave and Bruno expresses his frustration that they can’t do anything about what the newspaper writes. Kai then asks Bruno if he knows where Ralf von Fuchs lives, saying he wants to try talking to him. Even though most of the article is unfounded, Kai believes they must’ve talked to sources (most likely Fuchs) and wants to ask Fuchs to have the paper correct the untrue parts. Bruno insists that Fuchs isn’t the type to hear them out, but Kai tells him that as royals they should be willing to talk with anyone. Heine reminds Kai that Fuchs may attack him, but the prince vows that he won’t raise a hand against Fuchs again. The petit professor accepts his resolve, but insists on going with him as an intermediary. Taking guards Maximilian and Ludwig as escorts, Heine and Kai prepare to head off. Kai confides that since he’s started getting along with the palace staff, he’d hate if they began avoiding him again because of the article. Just then, some of the servants appear and express their faith in him, believing that he’s truly a gentle soul, and that they’ll support him no matter what. Kai smiles and thanks them (though his smile once again briefly frightens them).

Later, they arrive at Fuchs’s estate. Heine tells Kai to wait isn’t he carriage while he and Ludwig find out if Fuchs will even agree to see them. Fuchs opens the door barely a crack, initially mistaking Heine for a child (for once, Heine actually seems peeved about that). Heine and Ludwig explain that Kai wants to speak to him regarding the article and that he deeply regrets their previous encounter. Fuchs opens the door to let them in and Heine excuses himself to fetch Kai. He returns with Kai and Maximilian to find Ludwig has disappeared, though Fuchs tells them he went to the bathroom. He escorts them into the parlor where he offers a toy soldier to Heine and suggests he play outside. After Heine once again protests being called a child, Kai asks Fuchs why he hurt Bruno back then. Fuchs reveals that he and his friends had heard rumors that royal could do anything they wanted at military school without fear of being punished and that they got top marks without trying. To him, Bruno seemed to hold true those rumors. Kai explains that Bruno was merely smart and never disobeyed and he himself never got top marks, but Fuchs asserts that he was good enough to at the top. He adds that the instructors were always reserved around them, so much so that they often lashed out at the other students. Fuchs and his friends vented about it every day and just got more and more heated.

He admits that he regrets what he did back and that he doesn’t expect Kai to forgive him. Kai apologizes for responding with and brings out the newspaper, asking Fuchs if he knew about the article. Fuchs recalls a reporter asking about the incident but he’d decline to answer them, assuming that the newspaper must’ve written the article as a result. Kai assures Fuchs that he doesn’t want to blame anyone, but that he wants his help so people can hear the real story. Fuchs offers his hand in apology but before Kai can accept, Fuchs withdraws and pulls out a gun. He calls his goons to toss the visitors in the cellar and confiscate any weapons they may have. After taking Heine’s pointer (which they think is a riding crop), the trio is chained to a shelf of wine casks and Fuchs remarks how easy it was to trick them. He then reveals his intention to hold them for ¬†ransom and that the newspaper really was his doing, claiming it wasn’t too much of a stretch. Heine asks how he intends to explain the situation to his family when they return, but Fuchs tells them his family all but disowned him following his expulsion, calling him a disgrace to the family name.

He then proceeds to take a photo of them for the ransom, but they respond by making ridiculous faces one photo after another. Frustrated, Fuchs pulls out a blade claiming there was nothing to keep him from hurting Kai. However finding no trace of fear on the prince’s face, he turns to Heine instead. Once again enraged by Fuchs’s provocation, Kai breaks free of his chains and moves to strike Fuchs but stops short upon remembering his promise to the people in his life. Fuchs then turns on Kai again only to be stopped by Heine using his own chain to catch Fuchs’s blade and in turn cuffing him to the shelves. Upon hearing the commotion, Fuchs’s goons arrive on the scene and Heine declares they are in need of “educational guidance.” While Maximilian protects Kai, Heine takes care of the goons, dodging their blows and dealing a few choice ones of his own. Reclaiming his pointer, he points a gun at the last goon but only shoots out a string of flags, saying that since Kai managed to restrain himself, he couldn’t go beyond “appropriate self defense.”

Just then, Ludwig shows up, having been previously captured by more of Fuchs’s goons but managed to escape to return to the palace for backup. Though disappointed for the “adventure” to be over, he apprehends Fuchs who claims he isn’t any worse off than before. Kai then suggests that someday Fuchs should come to the palace and apply for a job as a palace guard once he’s paid for his crimes, saying it’d be the best way for him to put his military school studies to use. Asking if the offer meant Kai would forgive him, the prince replies that he can’t but that he believes everyone deserves a chance to start over if they want, and that’s how he thinks the kingdom should be. Heine then asks Fuchs where he heard the rumors about the princes, who says he “probably” heard it from a friend of his parents.

The next day in town, Heine is approached by Count Rosenberg who tells the educator he has something to ask regarding his past.

Honestly, I had completely forgotten about the rumors about Kai, so I hadn’t expected an explanation for it. I certainly didn’t think it had anything to do with abuse from another student. But it’s always nice to see conflict resolved. While Heine fights Fuchs’s goons, we catch a glimpse of a similar flashback that seems to be Heine protecting a younger Viktor. Perhaps this means we’ll finally get some insight into Heine’s secret origins and his friendship with King Viktor. Based on the episode preview, looks like we’ll find out just how much Rosenberg knows about Heine and it seems we’ll get to meet some of Adele’s little friends. And based on the title, I have a feeling the princes’ regard for their tutor may drastically change.

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