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Keatle’s Top Ten Anime

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Keatle’s Top Ten Anime

At this point, it is ritualistic for any new contributor of UnimeTV to post their own Top Ten Anime in the site as both as a greeting and as an initiation. Well, this is my first post here, which means it is my own Top Ten.

A lot of people consider the best anime they watched their favorites, but I have a different mindset. My “Top Ten” are not the ten best anime I watched, they are the ten anime that entertained me the most. This doesn’t mean that there can’t be a overlapse between the two. Also, I don’t consider some of my favorites as incredible anime, for example, 10, 9, 8 and (to a degree) 1.

Basically, this Top Ten is made up of the anime that I could relate, have fun and even suffer the most. In a way, they are part of me. They influenced me. Some of them made me weep. Others made me laugh. They changed me. They made me come to sudden realizations. To a degree, they define me.

10. Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai.75d87960c388efc544be093603b8e9f01406669874_full

AnoHana is an anime about loss and regretting the past. I used to be a person who always regretted not doing stuff and I didn’t seem to learn, until I watched AnoHana. While it focuses on a rather specific situation, it points out that regrets are powerful things that will come back to bite you years down the line. I watched it about 2-3 weeks ago and, since then, I have made my objective to never regret my actions and do what I want.

9. No Game No Lifeotakuscape_358d86737a678e01

I love the mind games “genre”. It is, more often than not, an incredible entertaining ride that leaves the viewer at the edge of their seat. No Game No Life excels in that regard. It was always fun to see what Shiro and Sora would get themselves into and how they would win the game. Sure, most of their wins were achieved by ridiculous means, bordering on cheating. But I didn’t care, it was hugely entertaining to watch. Also, I loved the vibrant, colorful and almost-neon art of the anime. Sadly, the ending is a huge cliffhanger…

8. Dragon Ball Zdragonball_z_by_goddessmechanic2-d7paus4

Well, how can I define the countless hours I spent watching Goku and his friends battling, having fun and screaming? How can I be objective when I spent evenings on end impersonating these characters and screaming “Kamehame-HA” at my friends? The answer to both of these questions is simple: I can’t. Dragon Ball Z, more than any other anime I am going to cite here, defined me. It was my favorite thing while I was a kid and, in some way, it still is something I hold very dear.

7. Baccano!Shorewood 14mm Wrap Ocard-ready

The 1930’s. A very interesting era for the United States. The post-war situation, the Great Crash, the alcohol prohibition and the gangsters, all at the same time. That is the setting of Baccano!, and it makes great use of it. There is a jazzy feel to the story that is unique and magical. It actually tells three different stories in three different years that are intrinsically related. As the finishing touch, the huge cast of characters is unlike anything I have ever seen, with extremely well-developed and incredibly picturesque personalities, specially the rogue couple Isaac and Miria.

6. Silver Spoon797ee6f4f0b43b1a1f96aa380d8fce4d1373187155_full

Silver Spoon is an unusual anime. While it is set in a high school, it is very different from any other high school shown, as it prepares its students not to be doctors or lawyers, but farmers. Another hin of originality is the protagonist, Hachiken. A city boy who never wondered where chicken eggs come from, Hachiken goes to this school to find what he wants to do with the rest of his life and ends up discovering a whole new fact of life and making insanely likeable friends while at it. It made me feel as if I would be okay if I chose to spend my life doing what I enjoy, rather than what pays well. Also, it is the only anime to date that made me laugh to the brink of tears.

5. ShirobakoShirobako_Promotional_Poster

Anime fans get really passionate about, well, anime. But they almost never stop to think the care that is put in the production of most anime. Shirobako makes a point of showing how anime production works, both the bad and the good. This characteristic makes it a basically obligatory watch to anime fans. But, beyond its gimmick, it still is a great anime own its own right. With a compelling, albeit simple storyline and a huge cast of characters that are always surprising and a have an incredible amount of depth and development to them.

4. Steins;Gatesteins_gate

Time-travel is a theme that I have always adored. I love trying to think what would happen if a single action was changed and what would be its repercussions. Naturally, Steins;Gate caught my attention. It incarnates everything that I love about this sub-genre and explores it deeply. The time-travel present here also manages to be completely different from any other story, without the physical part of it. Another strong asset for the anime is its quirky cast of geeks/otakus, we have a chuunibyou, a cosplayer, a science geek and a computer geek.

3. White Album 2eb8e031b31c11a2dc86f67356c3b33fe1380822049_full

One of the few things that (almost) always disappoints me in anime is how unrealistic the romance and love-triangles are. They are simply too lovey-dovey and peaceful, something that rarely happens in reality. In a world of disappointments, White Album 2 surprises. It is realistic, sad and even painful, it made me break emotionally, but it is incredible. Despite not having fun with it, it touched me deeply. I think it is one of the best anime ever made, while still being one of my favorites.

2. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventurejojos-bizarre-adventure-jojo-no-kimy-na-bken.28872

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is one of the longest-running manga ever, but it only received a proper adaptation recently, and only for its first three arcs. Still, its style is already evident. It is a colorful, stylish, crazy, self-aware, exciting and ridiculous “mess”. It battles are wonderfully intelligent, albeit ridiculous. Its characters are deep, but wonderfully exaggerated. Its art style is chock-full of personality, as is its soundtrack. It also is completely and utterly bizarre, for example:tumblr_static_tumblr_static_6clr8atd3484k0ccs84o8488k_640

1. Barakamonbarakamon

Well, my favorite can be surprising to some. It is complete Slice-of-Life, nothing much happens during it and there is close to no story. But it was magical to me. It enthralled me in a way nothing has ever done before and probably never will. The characters are wonderful, with great development and a real sense of being to them. The setting is unique, a calligrapher in a far-away island with close to no contact with land. The humor is hilarious and the art style, while not detailed, is beautiful.

But the one point that made it so superior to anything else I have watched is its subtlety. While other stories seem to always be in a rush to point things out and develop the situation, Barakamon takes its time to develop everything with subtlety and patience. It is a magical experience that was almost a journey of self-discovery.

Thank you for reading! I hope to write a lot more to you in the future.

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