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Know How the Story Begins to Unfold: K Project Review

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If you love great animation with intense fighting scenes, then you must have already heard of K Project. For this post, I’m going to talk about the first season of the K Project franchise. The second season, K: Return of Kings, is now being aired every Fridays and/or Saturdays.


by: GoRA

Studio: GoHands

Anyone who watches K Project would have stayed in their place without daring to blink. Who would even dare to when this anime series opens with an epic action scene. It starts with the members of the HOMRA, also known as the Red Clan, attacking a group of men in suits. It was pretty obvious that  they are searching for someone. The scene  continues with a battle between the head of the Red Clan, Suou Mikoto, against Reisi Munakata, the captain of Scepter 4. These two are referred to as the Red and Blue Kings respectively. Each of them has his own power which can destroy almost anything.

Oblivious to this fight is Yashiro Isana who is a student at Ashinaka High School. He has been living a simple life while taking care of his cat until one day, he finds himself being pursued by Kurou Yatogami.

Kurou Yatogami is a great swordsman. In the past, he was trained by the 7th King named Miwa Ichigen. His master left him a will which asks him to defeat the “evil” King. Apparently, it seems that it is none other than Yashiro Isana. Yet, looking at Shiro, one cannot help but doubt if he is really “evil.”

Later on, it is revealed that each of the characters are related to one specific case. Everything revolves around the murder of Tatara Totsuka, an admired member of the HOMRA. Thus, the Red Clan is also in search of Shiro, whom they believe is the sole perpetrator.

Is Shiro really the killer or is he innocent, as he believes himself to be?

Perhaps, if I am asked to describe K Project, I would say “Cool!!!” I really find this anime amazing, particularly the animation. The story’s pace did not bore me out too. Each of the episodes definitely kept me wide awake. I certainly love the art as well! The opening and ending songs are also good. The plot is very interesting though I am not that satisfied with its ending. After I watched the K: Project back in 2012, I was pretty sure that there “should” be a sequel coming out (which did happened). Overall, you should try out this series. I’m sure you will not regret it.

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  1. It’s an interesting series, isn’t it? I did a review for this one myself and was thoroughly impressed with the overall quality. It maybe had some minor issues, but nothing that takes much away from it 🙂

  2. Yes!!! It really is interesting! I love its overall quality as well! I haven’t started watching the sequel yet though. I’m waiting for it to finish first so that I can have a marathon XD

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