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LacieRoseve’s Connection – Sword Art Online Season II

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(ノ≧ₒ≦)ノHave you ever thought you felt like Sinon trying to have another life in an online game? Well, I do.

As my feature article this week, let me discuss Sword Art Online Season II. After all, this is the first anime that came into my mind when we were asked to think of one anime which we do not really want to end.

To be honest, I am not a Sword Art Online (SAO) fan. Well, I did watch the first season because come on, almost every anime lover was talking about it that time. As to why they did, I still did not understand even until the end of Season I. I am not here to be a critic of the first season though (click here instead for Morsidin’s review about it) so let’s just move on.

And so I was really reluctant to watch SAO Season II. I guess that part of me wanting to finish any series I’ve started to watch just kicked me to trying it out. Plus, hey, it would be a shame to be left out from the anime world. It’s like being shoved off from your own comfort zone, right? To my amazement though, this season is definitely way better than the first.

Sword Art Online Season II is an anime series released by A-1 Pictures and was directed by Tomohiko Ito, just like its first season. In this season, Kikuoka Seijiro pleaded Kirigaya Kazuto (known as Kirito) to help him investigate a case under the Virtual Division of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. According to him, a player named Zexceed was shot at a video screen by Death Gun. After suddenly experiencing an agonizing pain, Zexceed was disconnected and was found dead in the real world later on. As if it’s not mysterious enough, similar death cases happened afterwards. To prevent more deaths from happening, Kirito decided to play Gun Gale Online (GGO) to find Death Gun’s identity as well as how he does the killing.

sinon1While the situation definitely made me curious enough to continue, I guess it was really this character with the ign “Sinon” in GGO (Shino Asada in real world) who made me watch some more.

Sinon is definitely a very cool gal online. She wields her special rifle named “PGM Ultima Ratio Hecate II” with precision to defeat enemies from afar. It is not surprising then that she makes it into the next round in the Bullet of Bullets (BoB) tournament. Her battle against Kirito there was really amazing and breath-taking.

Sinon is not one without a flaw though. (This is one thing that I really like about her. This fact makes it easier for us to relate to her character. After all, no human is perfect.) Despite being calm when holding her Hecate in the game, Shino Asada experiences panic attacks when she wields one in real life. Her composure is even weakened by a simple pointing of a hand, shaped like a gun, at her. She had this trauma because of the incident she was involved with when she was a child. To get over this trauma is her main reason why she is playing GGO.

Everyone has his or her own set of bad experiences. I have one as well. I was in this declamation contest before and I forgot the next line during my speech. I was able to continue it but only after almost 5 minutes had passed. So yeah, from then on, I cannot help but feel jittery in every presentation. Having that feeling that everyone is giving you his or her attention is like ugh! It makes me feel really small.

Just like Sinon, I am trying to overcome my terrible experience by becoming a different person in online games. Lacie’s someone who knows almost everyone in the guild. By being jolly as ever, she is definitely an attention grabber. She is someone dauntless… never hesitating to ask questions and expresses herself openly. I guess Lacie is someone I’d consider as my ideal self – the same way Shino Asada thinks of Sinon. Hopefully one day, I’ll get to have Lacie reflect myself in real life.

(╥︣﹏᷅) To date, I still have not finished SAO Season II! I’d really hate to finish the story since Sinon is one of my favorite anime characters. Thinking once again though, maybe it is time for me to watch it till the end. And then, I will just repeat watching the season. (≧▿≦)/

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  1. Nice post of Sword Art Online II. Sorry to hear what happen at the contest. Sinon’s story in the anime is quite interesting in the Phantom Bullet arc and I recommend watching it to the end. I also agree that there are some people online out there who acts different than their actual self.

  2. I love it when bloggers find relation with characters in anime. Sinon, for me, won my heart for not only SAO II, but the franchise in general. Heck, I enjoyed GGO more than even Mother’s Rosario! I hope your next speeches aren’t so scary, because that story sounds terrifying!

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