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Spooky October Specials: Let The Shinigami Enter Your World

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A Halloween without a mention of “shinigami” or death god would be boring, right? If you think so too, then you may find this list quite helpful. Here are some anime series with shinigamis in their stories.


by: Tite Kubo


If you have been into the anime world particularly in 2004, you might already have heard of Bleach. If you are to watch this series, be ready with tons of popcorn since it is composed of 366 episodes. Bleach starts off with the not-so-ordinary life of Ichigo Kurosaki. Ichigo has the ability to see ghosts. One day, soul reaper Rukia Kuchiki gets injured in her fight against a Hollow. In the series, lost souls transform into hollows who can harm fellow ghosts and even humans. Rukia then makes Ichigo a substitute soul reaper. Later on, they team up with Orihime Inoue, Yasutora Sado (also known as Chad), and Uryu Ishida (who is from the Quincy clan) to bring balance between the world of the living and the dead.

ryukDeath Note

by: Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata

Who would dare forget Death Note in the shinigami series list! After all, the scariest looking shinigami of all is Ryuk. Ryuk is a bored shinigami who drops his notebook into the human world. His notebook has the ability to kill any person whose name is written on any of its pages. If the mode of death is not mentioned, that person will die of a heart attack. Otherwise it will proceed as instructed so long as it’s feasible. Light Yagami, a genius who wants to get rid of everything “evil,” picks up this notebook and meets Ryuk. How will he try to make his utopia especially when “L,” a mysterious investigator tries to catch him for his murders?

Soul Eater

by: Atsushi Ōkubo

soul eater

This anime series revolves around Death Weapon Meister Academy which is run by Shinigami also known as Death. The academy is set in the fictional “Death City,” which is said to be situated in the U.S. state of Nevada. This school trains humans who can transform themselves into weapons along with those who can use them, known as Meisters. The story stars meister Maka Albarn and Soul Eater. These two form a team with Black Star and Tsubaki Nakatsukasa, along with Death the Kid and his partners Liz and Patty Thompson. The group fights against Medusa who made Crona, the meister of the demon sword Ragnarok, devour non-evil human souls. Will they be able to stop their opponent?

Grell Sutcliff

Black Butler also known as Kuroshitsuji

by: Yana Toboso

When it comes to weird-in-a-funny-way shinigamis, who would not know of Grell Sutcliff, one of the characters in Kuroshitsuji? This shinigami is utterly cheerful as he swings his chainsaw to inflict damage to his opponent. He loves to flirt with Sebastian Michaelis who is Ciel Phantomhive’s butler.

Perhaps it should be noted that Kuroshitsuji‘s plot mainly revolves around Sebastian and Ciel. Though Sebastian serves as a butler of Ciel, he is rather an extraordinary one. In exchange for his assistance in a revenge scheme, Sebastian forms a contract with Ciel guaranteeing that he can consume Ciel’s soul afterwards. Will Sebastian obtain what he hoped for in the end?

Full Moon wo Sagashitefmws

by: Arina Tanemura

Apparently, not all shinigamis in anime are that frightening. Full moon wo sagashite presents its two shinigamis, Meroko and Takuto in a really cute way. Meroko has a bunny ear hat and has the ability to transform as a rabbit plushie. Meanwhile Takuto has a cat ear hat and has the ability to transform into a cat doll. Of course, these props are not without a reason. Looking this nice helps them convince people to let them get their souls. If you are interested in shoujo, try this anime and you will fall in love with these two shinigamis rather than be scared.

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