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UnimeTV Staff

Calling all Anime Bloggers & Writers!

UnimeTV is now recruiting staff were looking for dedicated and interesting bloggers & writers! We’re now looking to increase the amount of articles we put out everyday. As you can imagine, having a Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, forum, and blog to keep up with can be very tiring. To lessen the workload we’re in need of more staff!!

There is going to be a trial period, as we need to make sure those who apply are actually qualified. I’m sure everyone who applies will be interesting and have awesome personalities. Don’t be afraid if your new to blogging and want to give it a try. Potential is always noticed!

Preferred Qualities:

Dedicated– People who will sit down and discuss the future direction of UnimeTV. We need individuals that can put their times towards coming up with detailed and interesting articles. UnimeTV will expand and evolve in the near future so we need people who stick with us through our evolution.

Unique– Every news article need that energetic and exciting spirit behind it that the readers latch onto. You must be a outgoing person to be one of our writers. If you just have bland topics and news nobody will want to read it.

Language– You must use proper grammar and, of course, your articles must make sense. Being bilingual is a plus, but not mandatory. The majority of our articles are written in English.

Our blog is mostly be about Anime and Manga, we’ll also be covering other topics but only if they peak our community interest.

Anything Extra Special About You (Optional)?

  • Anime experience: Include your you MAL profile if you have one. If not, simply include how long you’ve been watching anime and reading manga. Names of anime, manga’s, etc.
  • Reasons for Applying: Tell us why you want to be a part of the team and what you can contribute to our growth.
  • Other Talents: Are you good with graphic design or have some experience working with a social media team? Make sure you add your other abilities and talents.

To apply to join our blog staff fill out the form below.

(Make Sure You Submit Your Application After Finished )

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