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Novembers Theme: Brawl

If you’re a geek or a nerd or whatever term you would like to be defined as, you probably know about a site called LootCrate. If not it’s a site where every month they pick a theme for a box and if you buy it, you get a bunch of merchandise that goes with said theme. One of the themes recently was ‘Time’ and it held stuff from “Doctor Who” and “Back to the Future”.

In November though they’ve started to release a new type of LootCrate that they have given the name, LootAnime.

I was able to get my hands on one, which I guess sounds difficult, but I really just gave them money and they gave me a box. I guess I could just tell you how awesome it was, but what’s the fun in that? I HAVE PICTURES!

LC box

The box was actually pretty big and filled with a plethora of amazing items, I expected it to be shaped the same as an ordinary LootCrate. I was wrong. Even the inside looks cool.

LC inside box

Now I’m sure you would all like to see what was inside the box, and if not then well…deal with it…?

lootcrate everything



LC manga

1. The Seven Deadly Sins, Vol 1

The first major thing if held inside of it was a manga, to be more specific, it had the first volume of “The Seven Deadly Sins”. This was pretty awesome because I had just gotten finished with the anime’s first season. It was as if LootCrate was pushing the manga in my face yelling “READ IT!”.


LC mug

2. Attack on Titan Mug 

When you’re fighting Titans all day it’s good to keep up your energy, well for all of you wanting to find the perfect mug, look no further! With this Attack on Titan mug you can keep that energy high and maybe avoid being killed another day.


LC bandaid

3. Attack on Titan Bandages

In case that mug of coffee didn’t do its job right and you still got an arm or a leg ripped of then, well, here’s a bandage. You can put it on your wound and it will…do nothing…but it’ll look cool!


LC doll

4. Mystery Mini 

It’s Mikasa Ackerman everyone, say hello! So she has been having a fun time with everything in my room, but there is one problem.

LC funny doll

She thinks my duck is a Titan.

lc tshirt

5. Naruto T-Shirt

I love this t-shirt, in fact, I am wearing right now. You not only get to see the t-shirt, but you also get to see my pretty face.


Why do they always run away?

LC tag

6. LootAnime Tag

This is a phone charm for the people who subscribed to the first LootAnime, I decided to put it on my keys. I’m just that much of a rebel…


That’s all I got from my first months LootAnime, sadly there is no way to get this specific one again since November 2015 is over with. Decembers crate is even better though, so please head over to LootCrate and check it out. This months theme is “Enchant”. 

Hope you all enjoyed, my name is NearlyWes wishing you all Happy Holidays and all that fun stuff.


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