Luffy’s Long-Term Resolution

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When it comes to anime characters that stick to their resolution, there’s no one I can think of better than Monkey D. Luffy. If this man had a New Year’s resolution (other than being king of the pirates) he would definitely go through with everything planned. One Piece is one of the longest-running mangas and anime out there, so it only makes sense that this is a “resolution” we’re going to see through till the end.

Firstly, if you’ve ever seen any episode of One Piece, you know that Luffy is stubborn and even more dedicated to his friends and goal. Since he was a kid, inspired by Shanks, he’s wanted to be the Pirate King. After hundreds of chapters and episodes, we’ve followed this crazy rubber man into countless battles all to achieve one goal.

Everything has to do with one goal; the one piece!

What’s admirable about One Piece is that everything Luffy does and everything he goes through in his storyline is all geared towards becoming the Pirate King. Even his friends and their own personal aspirations are all taken into account when Luffy considers his dream. They work together, as a crew, to help achieve those ultimate resolutions. Admirable, yes, but even more entertaining when you realize just how long this anime/manga has been running and the cult following it’s amassed in it’s time. To be this interested after this long all for one resolution to be fulfilled? That’s something not all long-running anime can achieve.

Throughout all of these trails, once Luffy has set his mind to something, he follows through so that nothing can stand in his way. Even with just looking at how he built his crew, he has the same mentality he has now. He fought for each and everyone of his members and pushed for them to join his crew. He knows that he cannot fulfill his resolution of being pirate king without them.

The crew has been essential to his final resolution.

Each one of them has had a goal completely different from his own, and yet, he took them on when they weren’t the best. That’s because Luffy could see that they were going to be the best. His eye for potential not only has lead these members to be dedicated to their captain who believes in them, but also has lead them to their own growth and development. This is pretty astonishing as it seems these characters never seem overpowered. You see this especially when they’re fighting those in higher power. Rather, they’re always evolving. 

Being able to adapt and grow is often something I think a lot of anime characters miss out on when they’re striving to achieve their goals. I primarily blame this on very long-winded story lines that can’t really fit into a 20-25 episode anime. It makes the writers and creators rush to finish up their work and end up blowing through some critical character development. This often results in them overpowering the main character. Of course, this doesn’t always happen, but it is frequent enough for me to notice. Luffy doesn’t do that because he has to slowly build over countless episodes and chapters.

One Piece has been going on a long time; that’s a long-term resolution.

Much like a fine wine, Luffy ages gracefully (as best he can that is) to get stronger and stronger. His friends surely help fuel the fire, but this desire to be the best can be seen in every single episode. It’s only been in this recent arc, where his crew’s chef Sanji is being held captive, that he actually admits he can’t be king of the pirates without him. I think he would do that if any member of his crew were in a similar situation. However, that wasn’t the most surprising fact. Next to his lust to be pirate king, Luffy’s largest love is food. With his chef gone, Luffy commits to starve himself in order to win Sanji back. That is the most dedication I’ve ever seen our faithful Straw Hat throw into the rink.  

There’s a lot to admire about Luffy, which I think is important. He’s good to his friends, he’s surprisingly good at picking choices for his crew (even if they are dangerous), and he also knows when to admit that he can’t do it alone. In the very beginning of One Piece, I think Luffy would have run straight to the Grand Line without even thinking about amassing a crew. And yet with each new member, he’s changed. That growth is leading to the end of One Piece; an end that is not in our near future. It’s good to know though, that whatever ending we receive will be well worth the wait.

He’s a character with more resolve than most. A New Years’ inspiration.

Luffy has worked long and hard to finally achieve this dream of being pirate king, of finding the one piece. A comforting thought is that he will continue to work hard towards this goal. Not all resolutions take a few weeks, a month a year. Luffy’s has taken a long time and will continue to chug ahead. Long goals can feel long-winded and impossible, but we should always strive to rise to our challenges; to succeed. If you continue to reach for your goals with that same enthusiasm Luffy has, you’re almost guaranteed to always make them happen. And in the end, we know the rewards will be valuable because the journey alone to fulfill his resolution has been so golden over the years. If you want inspiration on achieving your goals, I suggest you look Luffy’s.

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