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LynLynSays’ Reaction to Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Stories (Part 2)

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It has been a long wait, but I have now completed watching season one of Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Stories. If you don’t know what Yamishibai is, it is a five-minute animated show that tells stories based on Japanese myths and urban legends.

In this post, I will be discussing my thoughts and reactions on episodes eight to thirteen of Yamishibai: Japanse Ghost Stories. If you haven’t checked out my post about the first half of Yamishibai, you can read it here.

Before clicking that link above though, you should read my thoughts on the second half of season one.

Ep. 8 The Umbrella Goddess


Seeing ghosts and spirits is a bad omen.

Ep. 9 Cursed


In horror stories, a curse usually forms from a grudge that happened between people. A grudge may not resolve or find peace in that lifetime; as a result, it manifests into an evil spirit preying on the lives of future generations. From this story, it seems that there are grudges so strong that no amount of good can stop it.

Ep. 10 The Moon


This episode gives you the reason why everyone is so afraid of going to the bathroom at night. It takes one of your biggest fears and turns it into a nightmare. I will probably never go to the bathroom at night anymore, thanks a lot.

Ep. 11 Video


In this episode, three friends took a break from summer homework, and watched a cursed video. The video is said to have a ghost appear within the screen. This episode kind of reminded me of the Japanese horror film, The Ring, because a ghostly woman comes out of the television screen when you watch a certain video. I think this episode pays homage to it.

Ep. 12 Tomonari-kun


There are two things I learned from this episode. Number one, children are creepy. Number two, never break your promises to spirits. I’ve read ghost stories involving shadows, and they are pretty scary. Furthermore on a side note, I learned that if a person doesn’t have a shadow, they are not from this world.

Ep. 13 Tormentor


This episode scared me. I felt like I was tormented. There are times where we would like to not see something. This is one of those moments.

Hope you enjoyed reading my thoughts on Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Stories. You can watch Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Stories on Crunchyroll.

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