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MangaExplained – Naruto Gaiden 002 – The Boy with the Sharingan

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The story gets interesting as we find a mysterious boy with the Sharingan eyes. Sarada’s questions are still unanswered, what will she do?In this week’s MangaExplained we see a bit more development in Sarada’s character and what she is willing to do to get answers to the question, are Sasuke and Sakura really her parents? We get to see an closer look into Sarada’s character and even see familiar characters from the older series. Hopefully you’re enjoying our coverage of Naruto Gaiden, and hopefully it’ll help with speculations and other theories as to what Shonen Jump could be announcing at Jump Festa with regards to the Naruto Series. For more information on this, head to our previous article; Naruto “Next Generation” Countdown Speculation (link:

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