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Millennium Snow Volume 1 [Thoughts]

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Hey guys!

So today I have a manga I’ve read a couple times before, and one I’ve owned for a couple of years. I had bought volumes one and two and had to wait ages before volumes three and four were released (I have yet to buy those unfortunately).

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Millennium Snow is a four volume vampire and werewolf manga by Bisco Hatori, the creator of the much loved and known Ouran High School Host Club. 

The story starts off by introducing the female protagonist, Chiyuki who has been constantly in and out of the hospital since she was born because she has a weak heart. Chiyuki also mentions that on the day of her birth her death had already been decided – it was unlikely that she’d live past the age of fifteen.

Now, seventeen, Chiyuki’s life is confined to the hospital, however, it’s there that she meets a boy in black named Toya. A vampire, he claims, and Chiyuki can’t help but find him strange. After all, what kind of vampire dislikes blood?

Before I start complaining, I’d like to say that this story isn’t bad. I don’t think I would have read it more than once if I thought it was, however, like most things, I do have quite a few complaints.

First up is the art. The style is actually nice and it’s something I would definitely read. Considering that art can make or break my choice in picking up a series, this is a good sign! However, the anatomy just didn’t look correct a lot of the times. There would be scenes were heads and shoulders just didn’t make sense and where the characters just became extremely elongated. Even in the cover picture you can see this. I mean, that tiny head for such a long body just doesn’t make sense…

I know it didn’t bother me as much when I was younger, but at this point I’ve come to notice these things a bit more.

Expressions almost felt like they were being mass produced. For example, whenever Chiyuki had an attack (or even faked an attack), she always wore the same expression. It felt like I was revisiting a panel from pages ago. The same happened for Toya when he became angry.

I did enjoy all the moments where the characters were drawn more chibi-like though. When it just felt like ‘this isn’t supposed to make sense’ and so that’s the way I saw it.

It’s for this very reason that I scoffed when Toya said: “A black bat and a divinely handsome gent.” Like, yeah, you’re actually not all that handsome…sorry HAHA

Anyways, in terms of character, the only one that really stuck was Toya’s bat. Unlike the other character, Yami has a specific way of talking (I bin lookin’ all over fer ya!), which really screams adorable and even though his design is the simplest, I think he’s pretty neat looking. Another reason I adore this little bugger is because he’s got quite the attitude, especially once he’s gotten closer to Chiyuki.

It’s like Yami and Chiyuki have ganged up on Toya to make his life miserable, ah~

After three chapters we’re also introduced to Satsuki, another of the supernatural species. A werewolf! I won’t say this sounds like this one thing I read and watched a while back because I’m hoping it’s obvious my mind went there and possibly you all did as well? Uh, onward…

Satsuki is your typical flirt of the school who is liked by everyone because he’s got such a bright personality, except that much of his attitude is actually a farce. Having been abandoned as a child, he has personality issues. He wants to be normal, he wants to fit in with humans, and he doesn’t want to be seen as a monster.

Like Chiyuki and Toya, his character isn’t very original or attention grabbing. He just feels like the third wheel, the one that’s needed because Toya needs a rival and because Chiyuki is adorable so let’s give her suitors…

Now then, after all of this you must be wondering why you should read this manga, since I listed quite a few cons (and I haven’t even mentioned Chiyuki’s request and how selfish I thought it was). Honestly, the only real plus I see is that this can go towards your manga count.

I mean, it’s not the best there is but also not the worse. It’s a nice and quick read if you’re willing to read four volumes.

And if I really had to recommend this I would say it’s better suited for a younger female audience, which is probably why I didn’t enjoy it as much as the first time I read it 😛

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  1. I read this because I loved Ouran Host Club so much so I was curious about the authors previous work. You can tell a big difference between the two books as far as artistic style and storytelling goes. The author really improved. I agree with your points I didn’t HATE this series but I didn’t LOVE it either. It’s mostly just there hanging around lol.

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