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Fastest Finger First Ahead Of It’s Time

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Fastest Finger First was an anime that entered into the sports category and surprised early but definitely struggled to maintain pace against the Summer 2017 lineup.

With the rise of anime’s in the magical/fantasy genre this year along with the action surge, this sports/intellect anime was definitely on the wrong side of Crunchyroll’s Trending anime list.


It’s definitely different and could teach you some things but it also hits on the intellect sport that is often overlooked. So kudos to bringing in a new anime series that opens the sporting genre up more than racing or running…. Or swimming for that matter.

Fastest Finger First
Fastest Finger First was a valiant trek into the sports anime genre

The main character was definitely plain but showed a lot of development as the series wore on, which is something that a lot of the anime’s from the Summer session definitely missed or avoided. His knowledge of the library really kept people on the edge as he looked for the breakthrough.

The “random” selection was obviously a set up but this anime will push the limit of the sports genre as it looks to find its niche. I do think it’ll take a little more to work its way into the sport genre and it will definitely need some development from all parties and characters to get up there.

This anime is geared towards intelligence rather than overly hot guys and girls. So far, it’s everything you want of a wholesome anime, which is rare to say nowadays.



It’s a different anime and the genre won’t fit into the sports area easily at this point in time. More episodes are going to be needed in order to really gauge how well Fastest Finger First will develop as an anime in the sports genre.

Fastest Finger First
Our main character looks lost.. Much like I was after the second episode.
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  1. This one was kind of fun but it doesn’t seem likely we’ll get anymore and with what we got there isn’t really any reason to watch it again. It is a shame, because it was fun following a long with the game and watching the characters learn new strategies.

    1. I have to agree with you Karandi. This one was a diamond in the rough but due to what it was up against during the summer line-ups it felt really out of place. Development was slow and felt like it was getting better as time progressed and the antagonist strategy employed reminded me of Yowamushi Pedal’s introduction of Midosuji. Minus the sister of course.

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