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Nodame Cantabile Anime Review

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Heyo folks!  This is leaveit2me, signing on after a very long break from UnimeTV.  Thought I’d come back with an orchestral bang, so here’s my review of the anime Nodame Cantabile.


Nodame Cantabile follows Chiaki Shinichi, a hot piano prodigy who is unsure of what direction his life is going in.  Although he studies in Japan, he yearns to return the Europe, the place he often lived as a child, and study conducting under Maestro Sebastiano Viella.  However, when he was a child a traumatic incident left him so emotionally scarred that he can no longer travel by boat or plane.  Thus, he is stuck in Japan, a talent floundering in his own misfortune.  That is, until he meets the very talented, but very bubbly pianist Noda Megumi.

Noda’s problem is different.  Her playing is without equal, but technically speaking she is garbage.  She plays completely by ear, and so she will often change a note or two… or maybe a lot more.  This frustrates many, but Chiaki sees more in her playing.  He sees a great heart and courage that he hasn’t seen before.  However, her personality leaves much to be desired, and she is quite the air-headed floaty girl.  And thus the story of the chained prince and the frivolous wench begins.


While the antics are fun and there is in fact a plot, something most rom coms can’t boast, that isn’t the selling point for me.  When I think Nodame, I think of classical music in anime put to the best use.  There are some spectacular songs in this show, songs that you might not have heard if you hadn’t taken the time to watch the show.  You may not be a classical enthusiast, but you’ll definitely get a taste of something terrific here.

As well, these songs are just placed in here and there.  Every song has a purpose, either to display immense emotion, or as part of the plot.  In my mind, it really helps to listen and learn when a context is played underneath the music.  It helps to associate the song with something, beyond your own personal emotion.


So that’s all well and good, but how are the characters?  Well, actually everything, from the characters to the plot and even to the animation can be traced back to the music, which is this shows centerpiece.  The art slows down and focuses in on the playing of the music, the characters all have different issues in their lives, all of which revolve around music.  Everything has to do with MUSIC!

So the music is good is what I’m saying.

Alright, so what is my final verdict?  It’s good.  Check it out.  Fun to watch, and pretty easy as well.  Great music, not sure if I mentioned that one.  Animation is pretty basic too, little higher than decent, perhaps.  Yup, that about sums it up.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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