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One Punch Man Episode 4 Review

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“What an innocent smile!”

The Humor In Saitama

As a joke, Saitama’s overwhelming strength is kind of wearing down on me already. At first I snickered out loud when I saw him destroy the giant dude from the first episode with ease, but by episode four the joke’s starting to feel tiresome. There was that one bit where Saitama punched Sonic’s crotch, which I thought was funny. And I’m not going to lie, I like that a lot primarily because someone got punched in the balls and I often have the mind of a 12-year-old boy.


However, and I can’t believe that I’m just noticing this now, the show’s humor really comes more from Saitama’s aloofness. Whether it’s him forgetting that there’s a sale in the supermarket or whether it’s him lamenting his lack of fame, Saitama and his general goofiness is definitely my main reason for watching the show.

The Speed O’ Sound Sonic Or Whatever

Speaking of humor, I thought the villain of the week—Sonic, not the Paradisers was hilarious. Though I do think that the Paradisers had their moments of hilarity as well. Sonic just really took the cake, primarily because of his innocent smile. It’s Saitama being aloof, but I can’t wait to see more of this guy and witness as his rivalry with Saitama escalates… if it even does.

Sonic's innocent smile.
Sonic’s innocent smile.

Plot Progression

Two more things about this episode.

One, we saw some scenes with Genos and the scientist that gave him his robotic body, as well as get some foreshadowing of Genos’ upgrades.

Mushroom Hakase
Mushroom Hakase

Number two, but not really number two, we saw some scenes with some goons that killed the Paradiser leader, talking about stolen equipment. I don’t actually consider this as plot progression since I have a feeling that whoever the next group of villain’s going to be they’re just going to be throw away. Or not, not sure yet.

I wonder if Saitama's also going to one punch these two goons.
I wonder if Saitama’s also going to one punch these two goons.

But real number two in terms of plot progression—Saitama signing up for the hero’s guild. It’s a small tidbit of the episode, but it does set up something more interesting than another group of useless villains.


Stray Observation

One more thing. At the very end of the episode we see Saitama lamenting the fact that if he hadn’t trained as much as he did, he would have become one of the Paradisers—a lazy NEET. It was a short bit, but an interesting character moment.

Thank God he got better.
Thank God he got better.


Overall it was a great episode filled with many laughs. The humor did wane on me, but at least now I have something more interesting to look forward to. THE HERO’S GUILD!

Saitama fan girls... Imaginary fan girls.
Saitama fan girls… Imaginary fan girls.


Starting next week I’ll do a regular review of each episode by Sunday evening. Things happened this week and I got distracted. Sorry for the lateness!

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  1. The animation in this episode is a wee bit of a step down, especially Sonic vs. Saitama where people on Reddit is proclaiming that Murata’s manga drawing is better animated than the actual animation. Personally I feel they’re saving money and time for the second half of the next episode, which should be rather spectacularly animated.

    1. Totally agree with you on the dip in animation. I saw gifs of the scene where Sonic was jumping all over the place and thought that while it was impressive on manga form, translating that to an anime would make it less impressive. In manga form it’s cool because we’re not used to seeing it and the attention to detail is pretty astonishing, but in anime form, it’s all very familiar to us.

      And of course, wouldn’t surprise me if the studio’s just trying to save money. They can’t keep doing movie quality animation every episode, let alone scene.

      1. Similar with Fate/Stay Night UBW, this show actually didn’t have an abnormal budget. (The last show I remember that had an absurd amount of budget is Bahamut). One Punch Man appears to benefit with a lot of lead time (an almost completed episode 1 was leaked months ago) and the best freelance animation talent that the series director can wrangled.

        As for what’s forthcoming, There will be plenty of REALLY spectacular bit of animation starting with the next episode. And if I’m correct, the one after that as well. The final 3 episode will require a whole lot of talents to pull off correctly.

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