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OST’s For Life [“Back to School Specials”]: School Romance

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That moment when you slam into a girl carrying bread in her mouth… anime, why?I like lists.  And I like music.  It seems only logical I combine those two things.  Thus, I am introducing a new feature for my own blog (found here) called OST’s For Life.  I mangle together songs that I can think of that fit a particular situation or scenario in life that people can usually associate with.  For these lists I will implement several criteria in order to limit myself, but also to help give myself or the reader ideas of what songs would fit into the topic.

Despite it being a new regular feature for my own blog, it seems appropriate that I introduce it here.  Why?  I’m behind on posting here.

Alright, so we all know of the standard anime cliché of the guy slamming into the girl with bread in her mouth while on his way to school.  Yup.  But what other special moments or feelings lie within the standard situation of an anime school romance?  This list is meant to capture those feelings as best as possible.


  1. All songs must be of Japanese origin (ex. artist, band, lyrics).

That’s about it, I’m starting off pretty lenient.  Let’s begin!

For the first one, let’s start with a classic.  This one captures the emotional struggle that comes with any romance.  From 5cm per second, this is “One more time, One more chance” by Masayoshi Yamazaki.

Next up, we have your standard shoujo anime opening.  The music for these always seems to paint a pink-colored palette that fits the kind of idealistic school romance that anime has come to be known for.  The one I’ve chosen this time is from Kimi ni Todoke, “Kimi ni Todoke” by Tanizawa Tomofumi.

The third entry isn’t actually from a show about romance.  However, I think it encapsulates the emotions of someone in love.  Drunk on their euphoria, there’s a pep in their step and a bright light in their mind.  From Kiki’s Delivery Service, “Rouge no Dengon” by Yumi Arai.

Next, we have another standard romance anime opening, although somewhat different.  From Itazura na Kiss, “Kimi, Meguru Boku” by Hata Motohiro captures the emotions of being obsessed with that special someone.  Perhaps it’s requited, maybe it’s one-sided, but those feelings don’t change in intensity.  Your mind can’t fathom a world without that somebody.

Next up, we’ve got “Le Petit Jardin” by Miyuki Sawashiro from Winter Garden.  This one has all of the bittersweet emotions that often find themselves working their way into anime romances, and it is often what makes them so damn hard for me to watch.  That being said, it creates a depth of feeling that elevates a simple “boy meets girl” to something special.

Last up is a song that isn’t from an anime at all.  This is from one of my favorite bands, The Pillows and this is “Like a Lovesong”.  In the end, a school romance is about two people finding each other, and understanding that they were made for each other.  Whatever happens along the way is only a precursor to that ultimate happiness that all idealistic anime romances will achieve.

Thanks for reading, I hope you liked it.  If you have any thoughts, please put them in the comments.  Have a great day!

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