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Plastic Memories -Anime Review

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Plastic Memories
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Plastic Memories is about the current lives of two teenagers -Isla and Tsukasa Mizugaki- in the ‘real world’. Tsukasa’s father happens to have some business connections with the SAI Corporation and manages to pull a few strings and guarantee Tsukasa’s employment at said company. The SAI Corporation is this massive world-renowned company that has the ability to produce living “[…]androids that possess[ed] human emotions called Giftia“. Isla happens to be a Giftia. Tsukasa’s job ,along with his partner Isla (and others from his department), is to ‘retrieve’ Giftia that are approaching the end of their lifespan.

Want to know more about Giftia?
A Giftia is hard to differentiate from a human in terms of personality and appearances. This is due to the fact that they are so darn human-like. They dawn real human emotions and they are even more caring than most of their predecessors (-humans). They can learn things and they can get hurt. They sleep as a normal human would and are capable of eating and digesting food without any issues either. They even find pleasure in savory dishes and awry with not-so-tasty foods. They think silently to themselves and can vary quite a bit in character as humans do. Some are dense and lack common-sense while others are witty, sly, and/or very aware of their environment.

isla bleeding

Something this perfect comes at a cost….
Humans and all their creations eventually meet a mournful end. Most of may not realize that as we live we look for ways to leave a golden legacy. No one wants to be forgotten. Many people will agree that they could die happily so long as they leave this world knowing that someone will remember them and the things they have accomplished. If we humans are fortunate we get about 80 years on average to accomplish such a feat.

What about Giftia? Let’s take a look at Isla as a direct example. She doesn’t have any family to speak of. She was produced in a factory by some crazy scientists –right? So how should she go about creating her own legacy? To who can she imprint memories of her greatest accomplishments and prove her very existence? “Oh well, Raff, That’s what Tsukasa is for. Right”? Hang on a minute. First consider this: GIftia only have 89,120 HOURS to live. By the end of their life cycle they tend to suffer from memory and motor-skill loss. If they refuse to shut-down appropriately they turn in to rampant-raging-beastly androids that are many times stronger than a human. Their physical limiters are no longer limited and they literally begin to lose themselves until detained and destroyed.

crazy Giftia

How much time does Isla have left?
Ha. I ain’t gonna tell you silly. Watch the anime and find out. I’ve spoken too much as it is.

Overall Thoughts;
All in all, this anime is definitely worth your time. If you are worried that the anime will exaggerate mechanical technicalities about the mechanical aspect of Giftia please rest assured that this is almost like watching two perfectly human teenagers trying to get along in life. There are a few questions left unanswered but they fail to prick my fingers and keep me awake at night. The side-characters are very supportive of Tsukasa and Isla and help the plot move forward. They don’t feel useless and/or unnecessary either. All of them are unique in their own way and some sport a bit of their own personal history with Giftia. The art is gorgeous. Right up there with some of the best looking anime I’ve seen. Of course that is my personal preference. I like the more modern and clean look of some anime and Plastic Memories definitely holds its own in this department.

formal tatsuya

Tsukasa’s personality is something that I appreciated. He can get flustered pretty easily but he’s very modest and caring about everyone. Tsukasa also does his best to keep a positive atmosphere within his gravity. If he sees that his efforts fail he feels pretty bad about it but he does something respectable yet again; he reaches out to his companions and asks for help and advice. How commendable Tsukasa Mizugaki applauds. Tsukasa is a loving-person to his core. He also studies a lot for work and does his best to understand how others might be feeling in certain situations.


fighto isla

Isla… well we could say that she is the opposite of Tsukasa with the exception of her kind-loving heart. She’s good at putting up a front, ignoring everyone, being clumsy, and making tea. Isla is probably the one to have grown or matured the most in this anime. So only some of what I say about her applies to her for about half of the anime. Her change in character is extremely noticeable and you begin to understand more as the anime progresses. You can not help but sympathize for her and feel the need to comfort her virtual figure. She is an extremely hard worker and doesn’t always know when to call quits. Not knowing when to call off her efforts can work both ways. The fact that she opposes such

Be warned that the anime will not always go in the direction that you wish it would. Plot twists and character development will have you swaying between euphoria and internal finish. What will come to be of Isla and Tsukasa? Will she be able to make a lasting impression on those closest to her? Or will she cut herself off from everyone/everything and play numb to reality until it is her time? This is something that I leave for you, The Viewer, to discover on your own.

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