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Pokemon Sun & Moon Getting An Animated Series

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Alola Raichu


As everyone awaits the arrival of Pokemon Sun & Moon, the newest Pokemon game coming to nintendo. You should also be waiting on the new TV series which will be airing in November on TV Tokyo. The series will be a bit different than what pokemon fans are use to because Ash will now be going too school. While in the mean time meeting Kapu Kokeko, the god of Alola in the process.

Pikachu Z Move

With the introduction of Z-Moves give pokemon a whole new variety of ways to attack. It also brings in different ways for pokemon to truly stick out in their respective nature or type. Ash will have to learn a whole new set of tricks and learn more about the vast continent that is Alola. Keeping an eye on the TV series will definitely give you a hand while playing the game.


There’s also a lot of hype regarding Serena whose one of ash’s oldest friends. She almost reminds you of Misty who also shared a very close bond with Ash. There was actually a petition a few months back to get her into Alola. While there has been no official word of her being in the new series more people continue to sign the petition. Currently it has over 22,883 supporters and is still growing.

What are your thoughts on the new route Alola will be taking. Do you think Serena should be in the new series and what about Ash going to school? Don’t forget to drop a comment below with your opinion!

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