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The Power of Music in Anime

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Music has been around for as long any of us can remember. For today’s topic I’ll be touching on music but more specifically music in anime and it’s impact on me and anime as a whole.

I absolutely love music – it’s one of the many things that can be therapeutic. However, today I’m going to touch on music in anime. It has a huge impact on me and a lot of the anime that I watch now. Music in anime essentially sets the tone for how the anime is going to unfold. Or in the case of Kill la Kill defines the entire series as a whole.

From beginning to end music plays a significant part in the series. Each character has their own theme song which is played throughout and it truly sets the tone. The music accompanied by their personalities gives you a clear picture of the type of person they are. It’s really a masterpiece in my opinion how the music was just as important as the story itself.

There are also anime such as Nana and Your Lie in April where they’re both music based but they also set the tone for the series. Both series really hit you in the feels and with some of the songs that accompany a particular scenario that is playing out, you won’t have much of a choice but to get a little teary eyed.

Not all anime has music that will put you all in your feels or have you emotional in general. Some anime doesn’t rely on music too much for anything. I’ve watched a number of anime and I never really paid attention to the music at all. It’s just not important for some anime. And that’s totally fine!

The only example that comes to mind is Yu Yu Hakusho when it comes to the music not playing a huge role. Aside from the opening song I only really remember the music that played during the Dark Tournament. It had me excited about the fights that were going to take place. If you haven’t watched it or it’s been awhile you should just skip straight to the Dark Tournament. Hands down my favorite story arc from that entire series.

Overall, music in anime can do a number of things. It can help with the story, it can set the mood or it can not be that significant at all.

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  1. That’s true! Music plays an important role in amplifying the quality of an anime series. In fact, I featured some of the best anime opening and ending themes from the anime series of Spring 2017. Visit the post here:

    Just like you mentioned, character themes played a part too. In fact, I want to share one good scene. It is from episode 9 of Clannad, the end of the Fu-chan’s arc. Every anime fan must watch it and the whole series itself. Clannad has 2 Season and a movie filled with emotion and fun.

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