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Prince Kai Makes An Effort

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Based on the episode preview, I only expected to see the princes going to the zoo with Heine. I didn’t expect the episode to focus on Kai, but given the previous episodes focusing on his brothers, I’m not too surprised.

Prince Kai calls on Heine late at night, seeking advice from the diminutive educator. Before he can ask, the two are interrupted by Leonhard having had a dream where he was an octopus and fears it was real. He is then followed by Bruno seeking insight on something he’d read and Licht trying to choose between a beautiful but flat-chested girl and a plain but busty one. Heine asks the younger princes to leave as they’re interrupting Kai, but Kai stops him, saying his problem isn’t a secret.

Recalling King Viktor’s previous statement that he should work to improve his communication skills and better convey his emotions, Kai admits that he doesn’t know how to improve. Bruno points out that Kai is easy enough to understand to his family, but his expressions are easy for strangers to misinterpret (as we learned in the first episode). Leonhard adds that sometimes even he finds Kai’s face terrifying (though quickly changes his tune when he sees Kai is disappointed). His brothers remind him that their father pointed out flaws in all of them, telling Bruno to be more flexible and Licht to be more serious. Leonhard brags about being the only one with whom Viktor didn’t identify a personality flaw, though Heine points out that was only because his flaws pale in comparison to his abysmal grades. The professor notes that Kai can communicate quite well with his family, but Kai wishes to be able to speak to the palace staff as well and how he’s aware they assume his mood based on his visage. He remains silent out of fear he might scare them and they fear him because he says nothing, creating a negative cycle. Heine offers to coach him to be able to speak to the palace staff and the younger princes quickly jump on board (though Licht’s offer is more about how to pick up girls).

The next morning, the group gathers with Princess Adele who suddenly declares a desire to go to the zoo. Apparently, the little princess’s impulsiveness stems from an incident with Shadow, where  he allegedly ruin her favorite picture, and she now wants to go to the zoo to find a new friend to replace him. As Granzreich’s national zoo is a fair distance away, the princes volunteer to accompany her. Heine declares the trip was a good opportunity and encourages Kai to practice smiling at the zoo. They arrive at the zoo and Adele was amazed by the wide variety of animals. Heine tells Kai to walk around and smile as he looks at the animals, although the resulting smile is more terrifying than his usual countenance (the kind that would crack a mirror in an old cartoon). After visiting the bears and an aggressively flirtatious ostrich (which only had eyes for Licht), they make their way to the petting zoo where Adele feeds a group of rabbits. Kai manages to attract a few sheep and though his expression is the same as always, he is blissfully enjoying their soft wool.

Heine suggests Kai take his practice to the next step by asking the attendant for more animal feed. Though he assures the prince that there’s no pressure to smile like before, the poor boy is too nervous and chickens out. But then, Adele is bitten by one of the rabbits and he tends to her, reminding her that Shadow would never bite. The group returns to the palace that evening, but Adele is a bit hesitant to see Shadow again, perhaps thinking he won’t forgive her for being mad at him. Shadow then emerges from the powers and the two friends reunite. After seeing the way he takes care of Adele, Heine assures Kai that he is more than capable of communicating with the palace staff. Again, Licht offers tips to pick up the girls, but his suggestions this time are actually helpful ones such as talking about the weather and asking what the other person likes.

They head inside where Heine tells Kai to practice talking to some nearby maids. As expected, they are initially fearful of him but even with an offer to start, Kai manages a short conversation with them. Just then, they notice another maid struggling with something heavy and Kai steps in to help her. Realizing that helping others is a natural way to communication, younger princess encourage Kai to pursue it further and thus he ends up helping other servants with various chores. The tasks gradually increasing difficulty and somehow result in him carrying a statue. Seeing just the statue over a crowd of servants, two passing guards mistakenly think Kai is an intruder and attack but quickly apologize once they realize their mistake.

Feeling his attempts have all been in vain, Kai decides he doesn’t want to be a nuisance or scare people and retreats to his favorite spot in the garden. Eventually, he falls asleep and soon a maid comes by to cover him with a blanket (the same one he chatted with earlier). He suddenly wakes up and apologizes for her presumptiveness. She then reveals that she also brought him some warm tea, given the cold weather,  before hurrying back to the palace. Just then, Heine appears and declares a lesson for the prince. He notes that Kai has a “sensitive and great heart,” that he’s able to communicate with his family and easily understand the complexity of Adele’s feelings, yet he cannot communicate with anyone else. The tiny professor then asks if Kai says proper greetings and thanks to the people in his life. Kai admits that he doesn’t so as to avoid scaring them, but Heine states that he merely lacks the courage to do so out of fear of being feared. He encourages the prince to start with greetings for the time being, as no one would think badly of him for attempting to be polite. He also adds that there will be people who fear him, but there just as many people who would get along with him.

Later, the same maid arrives in Kai’s room to change the sheets, once again hurrying about due to perceived intimidation. After some initial hesitation, he manages to thank her for always changing the sheets, and for the tea she bought him earlier. She in turn thanks him for praising her, seeming relieved of her fear. Happily, Kai hurries to tell Heine and find him being cuddled by the younger princes. Just then, about their entries with Adele’s favorite picture framed and tells Heine that she wants him to draw a portrait again. After the princess express their shock that their jack-of-all-trades tutor could produce such a disturbing drawing, Heine reveals that he noticed a burn mark on one corner of the portrait and assumed it had been near a candle. They then reach the conclusion that Shadow must’ve knocked over the portrait to save Adele from potential danger.

As I’d said, I was surprised to see this episode focusing on Kai, but I am glad that he’s made progress in his communication (considering how he started). And it was so adorable seeing him surrounded by all those sheep at the zoo ^_^. I was just as shocked as the princes were to find out Heine was the one who did the portait of Adele (I think I even laughed out loud). Although I wasn’t as repulsed by it as they were, mostly because I assumed Adele had drawn it herself. It’s starting to look like the focus is gonna shift around from prince to prince, but that’s fine with me. They all have areas where it’d be nice to see more development. And maybe at some point, we’ll meet the crown prince Eins.

After last week’s live action PV, the ending theme returned to its usual animated sequence. I didn’t expect them to keep the live action version, but I was a bit surprised to see the animated sequence return. I was definitely delighted not to see Count Rosenberg in this episode, though I’m sure it won’t be long before his rears his sneaky nose again. Once again, I feel I should apologize for the length of this article, but I have a feeling it’s gonna be pretty common.

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