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The Heroic Legend Of Arslan [ First Impression ]

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Before Hand Thoughts

Personally when I saw the artwork for this anime I knew it would be something brutal. Just because of the medieval setting my initial thoughts were. Here comes another anime about kings having too much power & other nations wanting to overthrow them. And of course that was almost the exact moral of the story here. But the thing that sets this show apart from its predecessors.

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It’s the in-depth character development seen through the first few episodes. During the course of the first episode, we see a king. Who has a look on his face to seem as if he needs to desecrate something from his lower extremities. This guy is the protagonist’s father “Andragoras III”. His belief is that war is everything and its the reason why his country “Pars” is such a dominant powerhouse. Par’s also has a population of slaves that drastically outnumbers its citizens.

As the story continues were introduced to his son prince “Arslan”. White hair, weak physic & constricting personality. He’s your typical gentle prince who is very shy when it comes to make up his own mind and of course combat. You can bet that he’ll be needing tons of from other characters in the this anime later on. After he finishes up his training section where he cry about how bad he is at sword. Arslan visits his mother “Tahamine” who is of course drop dead gorgeous, but doesn’t really like Arslan as much. They don’t go to much into her past all that we know is she’s hot and doesn’t really like Andragoras buying her silk.

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