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Professor Heine and the Flight Risk Prince

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I always look forward to new episodes of this series, so I can’t really say whether or not I expected much this week. Although, I was not at all disappointed. ^_^

Professor Heine and the Flight Risk Prince

In the reception hall, Heine finishes grading the competency tests and awaits the princes with still ten minutes to go until the designated time.

Bruno hurries through the garden, almost desperate to arrive on time, and notices Leonhard sitting on the garden swing. Having been thoroughly swayed by Heine’s insights and critiques, he attempts to convince the younger prince to attend the lesson. However, Leonhard still stubbornly refuses to accept the tutor, disappointed by Bruno’s backing out of the boycott.

With three minutes left, Bruno rushes into the reception hall apologizing for being late, as he thought it fundamental to arrive ten minutes early. Though Heine attempts to curb the prince’s habit of calling him “Master,” Licht slides into the hall with the pre-established “Heine darling.” Bruno admonishes his brother for speaking so impolitely, even if Heine doesn’t mind, and the two princes go at it. Heine tells he doesn’t mind being addressed informally since they all outrank him, but that he does wish to maintain a student-teacher relationship and asks Licht to stop crowding him. The brothers resume their bickering until Kai arrives and calls them both “good boys.”

Professor Heine and the Flight Risk Prince

The clock chimes four, and with only three princes gathered, Heine decides to put the day’s lesson on hold. Bruno goes to retrieve Leonhard and finds the straggler crouched outside the door, who is surprised to discover Licht and Kai in attendance. With all four princes finally gathered, Heine starts the lesson by returning the competency tests and assures them that in addition to group lessons, he will also give each prince individual lessons designed to suit their needs. Naturally, Bruno receives a perfect score. Kai receives a grade of 87 points, which he deems as normal. Licht scored 60 points, which he sheepishly accepts. To the princes’ surprise, Leonhard only scored one point. Bruno scours his brother’s test, hoping for an explanation to the score and discovers the single point was simply for writing his name (You’d think something would’ve sunk in after all those years).

Blaming Heine for making him take the test, Leonhard runs off at full speed. Heine asks the remaining princes why Leonhard so despises teachers, and they explain that Leonhard’s first royal tutor was extremely strict and even called him a dunce. As studying was already hard enough for him, the young prince was traumatized by the experience and developed an instinctive hatred for teachers and studying. Heine thus resolves to teach Leonhard that teachers are not the enemy and heads off after him.

As Leonhard rides away from the palace, he soon notices Heine fast approaching on another horse. When the professor finally catches up, Leonhard sees that he is actually standing on top of the saddle as his feet apparently couldn’t reach the stirrups. The prince refuses to stop, so Heine leaps off his own horses and tackles him to the ground (having first calculated the speed, angle of trajectory and all that). Shocked that this runt of a professor could catch up to him when none other could, Leonhard wonders just who he is, but Heine merely replies that he’s “bound to secrecy” regarding his origins (Now, where have I heard that before? ^_^). Instead, he tells the flighty prince that he is different from the previous royal tutors and that he doesn’t intend to blame him for bad grades but to help change them. He explains that he intends give them a wide range of lessons as well as curriculum best fitting their individual talents (sociology and philosophy for Bruno, social intercourse and anthropology for Licht, and so on). He also adds that he meant to tell Leonhard not to be discouraged by his score before he fled, suggesting that running away has never truly made him feel better.

Though still not completely trusting, Leonhard agrees to try and accept his help as a reward for catching him, but just barely. Just then, they realize the sun is setting and they are several hours from palace with their horses nowhere in sight. Heine manages to build a campfire and find edible berries (as one would expect from such a versatile tutor) while Leonhard merely gripes at having to sleep outside and demands sachertorte. Luckily, they are found and returned to the palace before morning. A maid escorts Heine to his room where, although he is impressed by its lavishness, he finds the bed too big to sleep comfortably. In an effort to remedy this, he rolls over several times and, due to his size, ends up wedged between the bed and the wall.

Professor Heine and the Flight Risk Prince

The next morning, after being found and rescued by a maid, Heine heads to the reception hall to find Leonhard waiting for him. They then begin the lesson and are later joined by the other princes, with Bruno and Licht still butting heads and once again silenced by Kai.

Professor Heine and the Flight Risk Prince

Aside from the usual squealing over my Shouta’s beautiful voice, I did enjoy Heine’s casual sense of humor and seeing him get stuck was hysterically funny. I certainly didn’t expect Leonhard to score so low on the competency test. Even if he hates studying, something should’ve sunk in by now. The next episode seems to show the princes going into town with Heine. I can only assume we’ll see more of Licht’s lady friends.

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