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My assumption that princes Bruno, Licht, and Kai would be condensed into one episode proved to be correct. Though what I didn’t expect was the introduction of a secondary character or an explanation of the “Glaring Prince’s” intimidating appearance, although I should have foreseen the latter.


the royal tutor

Heine’s initial research describes Bruno as incredibly intelligent, having been presented numerous papers on subjects like sociology and philosophy. Heine calls on the third prince and finds him just as coldly polite as before, emitting an aura much like a school principal awaiting a trouble student. He notes the tidiness of the room and expects as an easier interview than with Leonhard. Sure enough, he brings out the competency test right off the bat, which Bruno finishes very quickly. Still skeptical about Heine’s qualifications, Bruno offers up his own competency test, almost bragging that the previous tutors had all been “less intelligent” than he and insisting that Heine resign if he should prove likewise. Though initially reluctant, Heine accepts the test after Bruno comments on his height.

Bruno proposes a game of chess, claiming he’s never lost a game. The match progresses quickly with Heine’s movements following nanoseconds after Bruno’s, and soon the prince is in checkmate. Thrown by the break in his winning streak, Bruno challenges the newcomer to a math test, which Heine quickly and effortlessly passes. Still in disbelief, Bruno throws down challenges of music, luck, even a handmade test written in five different languages. Heine easily bests every challenge, casting doubt on the young prince’s faith in his intelligence. Heine then notices a paper written by Bruno and praises the boy’s insight into the kingdom’s inner workings and their effects on the public. He then offers several points of constructive criticism, which changes Bruno’s attitude into one of avid adoration. The prince admits total defeat and accepts the tutor’s guidance, though fervently insists on calling him “master.”

After calling Bruno to the reception hall at four, the two are then interrupted by Licht who absconds with the tiny professor.


Licht royal tutor

Upon arriving in Licht’s room, Heine is instantly swarmed by the playboy prince’s lady friends who call him the “child professor.” The ladies seem unhappy being introduced as Licht’s friends, but are easily soothed by his host-like demeanor. After sending his companions away, Licht turns to the tutor with some questions of his own, much like his brother. However, unlike his brother, Licht’s questions are more relevant to Heine’s childlike appearance, even going as far as wondering what’s “going on down there.” Heine responds with a roundhouse kick to the prince’s face, though Licht wonders how a teacher could kick a student (I had expected him to object over kicking a royal).

Curiosity aside, Heine brings out his competency test. Though Licht consents to the test, he calls his lady friends back to ask them the answers. He relents to taking the test himself, but goes off on a tangent about his brothers’ behavior at a dinner party. Heine lectures him for procrastinating only to find that Licht has already completed the test, proving the first three princes to be collectively lazy but serious students. As Heine prepares to leave, Licht suddenly turns serious, now questioning how a no-name professor was able to secure the coveted Royal Tutor position. Licht then states that he wouldn’t know if Heine was a famous scholar anyway, showing that the youngest prince seems incapable of maintaining a serious façade. Tension broken, Heine invites Licht to the reception hall and leaves him to play with his “friends.”


Kai Royal Tutor

Heine’s pre-collected information states that second prince Kai has a famously violent temper and was once suspended from a military academy. Failing to find the prince in his room and with only an hour left till the appointed time, Heine searches the grounds for Kai. In the gardens, he meets the palace pet Shadow, who steals his file and leads to a sleeping Kai. The prince suddenly wakes and reaches for Heine, but merely squeezes the tutor’s hands, perhaps mistaking them for a dog’s paw pads. Though Kai’s dialogue seems stilted, he appears to unquestionably acknowledge Heine as his teacher. Heine then learns that Kai’s projected image is merely exaggeration as the prince has naturally sharp eyes and is not very good at socializing. Kai also explains that in their first encounter, he was not saying “Get lost” but trying to say “Hope we get along,” proving that he held no hostility towards the new tutor unlike his younger brothers. He even voluntarily agrees to take the competency test before Heine can even ask.

After a brief meeting with the princes’ younger sister Adele, who then runs off with the dog, Kai reveals that Heine is the first teacher to talk to him and consents to the professor’s tutelage. Having finally secured all four students, Heine resolves to “start over from scratch” and get to know the princes rather than rely on rumors and secondhand information.

I was truly surprised at Kai’s true nature. Like Heine, most of us probably assumed he really was cold and unfriendly. Bruno surprised me too, though he seemed to hold true to most of the rumors about him. Admittedly, I spent most of Licht’s segment squealing inwardly over Shouta Aoi’s voice (it’s not every day I get to hear him acting all cute ^_^). Based on the preview, it seems Heine truly was successful in gathering the four princes, though one can only assume how the lesson will go. Bruno’s newfound adoration of Heine should prove very amusing. Really can’t wait for more hilarity ^_^

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