Psychime 101 with Mr. Psychime (Introduction)

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I love anime. If I didn’t I wouldn’t have started blogging about it and I certainly wouldn’t be writing for Unime now. There’s something about the art form that allows for a nearly unrivaled level of creativity.

When I watch a show I’m always trying to interpret, to extrapolate meaning of some sort from every last frame of animation because I know that the artists behind the work infuse with so much more meaning than is immediately apparent.

So the type of things you’ll get from me are my own interpretations of different Anime and opinions on the medium as a whole. I might not always be objectively right but I do strive to offer an interesting perspective.

So What Got Me Into Anime?

I like Anime more the freedom animation allows creatively, the fact it will tackle mature topics often and a concise nature that western shows will not provide.

But the inciting incident that got me into Anime is very clear in my mind.

Two years ago, when I was in High School, my friends and I were having a discussion about the best animated movies of all time.

We had somewhat settled on The Lion King as a consensus number one when I remembered a movie I had seen over a decade prior. Spirited Away.

When I brought this up one or two people said they remembered watching it as kids and thought it was fantastic. Others had never seen it. I myself did not remember much about the film having not seen it since I was 5.

So I decided to go home that day and watch it out of curiosity. I was blown away. I had remembered the film being good but being that I was now old enough to understand it’s themes I found a whole new level of appreciation for the film.

After that I tried a few Anime series to see if they could even come close to Spirited Away’s greatness. This is when I found Psycho-Pass on Netflix. It quickly became (and remains to this day) my favorite TV show of all time.

And my love for Anime really just spiraled from there.

About Myself

This is my avatar because I love Akane.

Knowing about someone can help inform you as to where they’re coming from on any given topic.

I have my own blog at where I give my unfiltered opinion on all things Anime. I also write fiction and I’m currently working on a Light Novel called Innuendo for which I am posting drafts of each chapter to my blog.

Outside of Anime I’m a big music fan. I’m a real Hip-Hop head but I have a bit of an affinity for some pop rock when a good lyricist is involved. I’m also a big football (soccer) and basketball guy. If you ever want to chat about these things with me or argue over anything then you can find me on Twitter where you’ll find plenty of random commentary on Anime and the occasional rant about how great Queen are.

Wrapping Up

I think that’ll about do it for my introductory post. If you want to ask me about anything please feel free to wherever you can find me. And I hope to see you all on my future posts and all Unime posts in the future!


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I'm a blogger and Youtuber talking about Anime the way I see it. And sometimes I write fiction.

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