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11 Real-Life Situations Where Anime Helped People

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An anime character helped another to get up.

November is here and with Thanksgiving coming, it’s only natural that we begin to think of all the things we have to be grateful for.

If there’s one thing we here in Unime.tv are thankful for, that’s anime. But why? If you’re an anime fan, the answer probably feels obvious. But for people who don’t know this incredible universe, it might not be so self-evident. What good can animation bring to people’s lives?

Because of that, I decided to ask anime fans about real-life situations in which anime has helped them. As you will see, I’ve heard some incredible stories and found a lot more reasons to love anime.

But before I get to them, I thought I should share at least a couple of my experiences. After all, I’m living in this Universe too, right?

2 times anime saved me in school

Fullmetal Alchemist Edward and AlFullmetal Chemistry

My friends were all afraid of high school and all the difficult subjects we were going to start studying. One of the most feared ones was Chemistry.

One of the first things we studied in the subject was Proust’s Law. To those who don’t remember, that law says that any chemical compound will always contain a fixed ratio of elements by mass. That is, in a chemical reaction, the elements you have on one side of the reaction are proportional to the elements you have on the other side.

By the time, I was watching Fullmetal Alchemist. And I noticed that Proust’s Law was nothing more and nothing less than the concept of touka koukan — the “Equivalent Exchange” the alchemists speak of all the time in the series. As a result, I understood it super fast, while my classmates struggled to get the concept. I got a straight A. Thanks, Ed!

Kawaii bacteriaMoyashimon anime bacteria

I always loved Biology. I even wanted to be a biologist while I was in middle school. But I once had a teacher that was absolutely insane. She gave us lists and lists of stuff to memorize for her tests. It was almost impossible to remember everything. As if that wasn’t bad enough, she liked to make complicated questions. She never asked directly what she wanted to know.

One day, we were studying microorganisms. Everyone was worried about memorizing the name of every bacterium, protozoan, and virus in the textbook. Very few cared to learn the diseases that they caused. And that was all everyone knew about the subject.

When the test came, there was a weird question. There was a huge text talking about beer production, and no one understood what that was doing there until we saw the last line. The teacher wanted us to explain the process of beer production, talk about the microorganism that was involved in it. Oh, and we had to explain what it had to do with the bread industry. Everyone was in a panic.

Luckily, I was watching Moyashimon back then, an anime series in which the main character has the ability to see and to talk to microorganisms. And I remembered clearly a scene were a bacterium kept on saying “I ate sugar and made alcohol!” while swimming in a pool of wine. I remembered the characters talking about how that same bacteria could be used to make bread. I was the only person in the classroom who got that question right.


There are several other stories that I could tell. Some are sad, some are funny, some are inspirational. But I think now it’s time to let other people have a say on why we should all be grateful for anime.

9 other inspiring stories


“We relate to the characters even though they are metaphysical. The determination and the morals stay with you for a very long time.” — M.B. about how anime helped them and their friends in times of difficulty.


Yuri On Ice anime charactersT.S.J. said Yuri On Ice motivated them to work out and lose weight. “The beginning episodes, in particular, had Yuri diet and exercise to get back in shape.”



L.W. said Koe No Katachi helped them deal with deafness and Koe No Katachi anime charactersbullying. “This movie showed me that my deafness is not a drawback. […] At the time that I watched this anime, I was depressed and friendless, feeling as though I had no one in the world. And this anime showed me that I won’t be held back by my deafness if I don’t let it hold me back.”

“Koe No Katachi taught me that there is pain in the world, but there is also beauty, and to never give up my search for it.” — L.W.

Fresh! Pretty Cure anime characters

H.F. said Fresh! Pretty Cure has helped them with gender identity and overcoming a negative view they had of femininity. “[…] it taught me that femininity is not a problem; that there is nothing wrong with being feminine. […] It’s okay if you’re masculine. Or feminine. Or neither, or both; whatever floats your boat.”

“This anime taught me lots of things: friendship, compassion, kindness, the whole expected package. But above all, it taught me that femininity is not a problem; that there is nothing wrong with being feminine.” — H.F.

B.M. said Kiseijuu: Sei No Kakuritsu helped them overcome their ownKiseijuu Sei No Kakuritsu anime characters selfishness. “There is salvation, there is hope for everyone, no matter their emotional status (ok, I realize that for people that have severe depression and all that bad stuff it isn’t that easy) and I started to correct my personality.”

“This masterpiece taught me that there is always some sort of solution for people that find themselves in my situation or something similar.

I will always respect this anime, it saved me and helped me to strenghten my relations with my friends.” — B.M.

Shigatsu Wa Kimi No Uso anime charactersM.M. said Shigatsu Wa Kimi No Uso (Your Lie In April) changed the way they saw life and the world and helped them cope with depression. “I found a couple of animes that changed entirely my vision about everything.”


J.T. said Kimi No Nawa helped them and their friends share Kimi No Nawa anime charactersexperiences about depression without being judgmental or feeling embarrassed. “I realized ways in which I could act myself and be more loving and kind to others.”

“It helps me out ALOT. I don’t know where I would be without it, and I can’t imagine my life with anime out of the picture. I suffer from depression and anxiety, and my ‘medication’ is anime.” — K.K. talking about how anime is important for their mental health.

Naruto anime characters Uzumaki Naruto, Haruno Sakura and Uchiha SasukeA. said that Naruto, Black Butler, and anime, in general, have helped them deal with difficulties in school and mental illness. “Anime was my escape. I hated school and I hated life. Anime gave me a sense of purpose. A reason to keep going.”


A.G. said that Mobile Suit Gundam SEED helped them deal with Mobile Suit Gundam SEED anime charactersbullying and loneliness. “Of course, my mom wasn’t quite as pleased, but for child me, someone with no real friends, bullied constantly at school, this show was like a light in the darkness. It’s one of the reasons why Anime means so much to me, in fact.”

Hetalia anime characters



C.S. also said anime helped them with school! It was Hetalia that saved her life in World History. “I saw it during my teenage years and immediately fell in love with European history, one of my worst subjects before.”



Has anime ever helped you in a real-life situation? Please share your story with us in the comments below!

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