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RishRaff’s Top 10 Favorite Anime of All Time

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Greetings everybody! This is RishRaff here!

Assembling my list of my top 10 anime was a journey. As I sat here, sipping my Ramune soda, I was forced to confront my dark past and battle inner demons as I did my soul searching into what it truly meant for something to be a favorite anime. Okay, that is not really what happened, but I did spend too much thinking this through. Nonetheless, I present my Top 10 Favorite Anime!

#10- Blast of Tempest

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Blast of Tempest, or Zetsuen no Tempest in Japanese, is on my list for a few reasons. For one, it plays very much like a classic Shakespeare story, of which it has many references, with plenty of mix of action, comedy, and some tragedy. I also find a lot of myself in the characters, especially between Mahiro and Yoshino.

However, there is definitely a deeper reason for my appreciation of this anime. At the time I first watched it, I was watching a lot of ecchi anime and just generally low quality anime (for example, my “favorite” anime before this anime was Omamori Himari). Yet upon watching this anime, I was pulled out of that world and into the world of actually good anime. It is also slightly because of this anime that I also developed a sort of interest in more obscure anime titles, as you will see further down my list.

#9- Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet

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Another anime that was an oddball to me when I first watched it. Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet honestly attracted first with its title, since “verdurous” seemed like a cool word. So I gave the show a try. To my initial disappointment, it was a mecha anime. I am a firm believer in the ancient proverb, “You either love or hate mecha anime, there is no in between.” I fall on the hate end of that. My preference is romance, slice of life, etc. Yet, I pushed through to find an entertaining story, with surprising depth and thought provocation at times.

To this day, Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet remains one of the rare exceptions to my general distaste for mecha anime.

#8- Sankarea

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Long before I ever watched the Sankarea anime, I was a huge fan of the manga. It is among my favorite manga, if not my favorite. Anyway, I only found out about the anime after my cousin watched it and recommended it to me. Boy was I excited to watch! The anime was somewhat underwhelming, honestly, but I still greatly enjoyed it. The twist on the classic “princess and peasant” love story was fantastic, and the series does a lot right, especially in regards to characterization.

I still prefer the manga, but the Sankarea anime still cements itself with its awesome mix of visuals, genres, and just my general love of the series in my favorites list. The ending to the anime is also absolutely beautiful.

#7- Toradora

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Probably the one of the most classic of the romance anime, and the show who has the best known tsundere, Toradora really kicked off my love of slice of life anime. I would always recommend this anime to people, and really is a touching story. I watched it during a dark time of my life, and so was one of two anime (the other is also on this list) that I actually cried over. Anyway, if you have not watched Toradora, go watch it!

#6- Engaged to the Unidentified

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Prepare for a lot more slice of life anime from here on out. Engaged to the Unidentified is not particularly stand out show, and objectively, Toradora is probably a better quality show. Yet, I am drawn to this show and its quirky humor and slightly strange premise. I’ll dodge needing to give a spoiler tag, but the title is a lot more meaning than it initially seems. Anyway, fun characters really make this show, and it even makes fun of itself a bit.

#5- Amagi Brilliant Park

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Amagi Brilliant Park is what I like to call both a hidden gem and an “ecchi done right.” I watched it on a complete whim without ever hearing about it, hence why I call it a hidden gem, and found a very fun and colorful anime with great characters. I also call it an “ecchi done right” because while it does have ecchi moments, it is not a defining aspect of the series. It overcomes what most viewers might perceive as negatives to be actually decent show.

#4- Erased

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Probably one of the biggest anime early in its season, Erased draws a lot of mixed reviews. A lot people criticize its ending, and I am one of those people. Yet, I still loved the show. Suspense is one of those genres I hate to admit I love. This show was extremely stressful to watch, even more so than my exams for college classes, as I watched it as it was coming out. The anime was excellent of using cliffhangers and other elements to build up the tension from episode to episode. Also, the opening got stuck in my head. It really was excellent up until the last two or three episodes…

#3- Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge

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Oh look another slice of life. Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge is a straight up comedy that at the same time is a very relaxing watch. The humor can be pretty dry at times, which is exactly how my own sense of humor works. I do feel the show got overshadowed a bit in the season of its premiere, and is truly a gem.

The above picture is my favorite scene from the show and highlights the humor perfectly.

#2- Angel Beats!

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The premiere cry anime, and another classic anime. I was probably dehydrated once I finished this anime. Angel Beats! has a lot of great themes that appeal to me on a number of personal levels. It was my favorite for a long time after I watched it. It is another anime I would recommend to anybody right off the bat, and is a first in many ways for me. There are a lot of philosophical thought experiments that you can engage with this show, something that I have done with peers on numerous occasions. Also, the title is a very clever hint at one plot element…

And now, the moment you have been waiting for! RishRaff’s number one anime is none other than the excellent anime…

#1- Binchou-tan

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No surprise this is another slice of life. Binchou-tan is the epitome of slice of life, in the purest essence. This obscure anime is incredible cute and a very relaxing watch. Now I acknowledge that this anime is not for anyone, but I will still say it is the peek of anime quality! The story seems simple, but does actually have multiple layers of complexity, something I appreciate. Another draw is that most of the characters are gijinka of various types of charcoal, something I found both charming and unique about the series. The series is just pleasant in general, and is my absolute favorite anime of all time!

And that concludes my list. Give some of these anime a try if my favorites list was intriguing enough to you. Thank you for reading!

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      1. Gargantia is great. I wished it could have been longer or had a second season but the OVAs are enough. The story ended well enough so it’s fine as it is.

    1. Thank you! And yeah, I will not claim any of my anime are really the best of all time, but they are the ones I like the most.

  1. Nice to see Angel Beats on here. I haven’t seen the show yet, but I heard that it was pretty fun. There’s a sad ending though right? That part can hurt a title for me a bit, but if handled well (ala Kanon) then it can be good, but some titles (Air….) just don’t achieve the right balance. Well, I guess I’ll find out sooner or later!

    1. It’s kind of a sad ending? It depends on how you look at it. But you are certainly right about that one, how a sad ending can hurt. Thanks for the feedback!

  2. Hearing of your preferences for the first time, I thought you would mention Nagi no Asu Kara here. It’s a show that’s right up your alley, and I’m surprised no one has reviewed it on the site

    1. I did give it a try, but other than outstanding animation, it was a little too slow for me/not very stand out, even as a slice of life. Im sure its a good show, but slice of life, while my favorite, is very hit or miss. For example, I like Engaged to the Unidentified, but not really the first season of Clannad

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