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Same Sex Marriage This Winter with Lucent Heart’s Amare Update!

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Have you always been wishing that an anime MMORPG would permit same sex marriage? Well this news would probably be a “dream-come-true” for you!

Lucent Heart, an anime MMORPG, is finally releasing its “Amare” update this winter! They even have this video to promote it!

The “Amare” update will allow players with the same gender to become a couple in game. This is according to the announcement made by Yoshiaki Inagawa who is part of the Operation Planning Department of Age Inc.

The game Lucent Heart was originally published by Beanfun. When the company ceased its operations, its players filed a petition so that the game can be re-opened. Everyone’s effort was not in vain. Lucent Heart became once again available in 2013 thanks to Suba Games.

lucentLucent Heart‘s couple system allows the player to have a maximum of three soulmates. Unlike other games where you become a couple with someone you know, this game’s soulmate (commonly referred to as “SM”) system does not guarantee that you will end up being paired with the partner you personally agreed with. You may increase your chances of pairing with your desired couple though  if both of you register with cupid at the same time, telling each other the characteristics each of you supply in the cupid form.

One advantage of the SM system is the EXP boost it gives you, provided that you and your SM are together in a party. Additionally, the system allows you to harvest a nectar per day which works like a potion in the sense that it allows you to recover 30% of your HP & MP once consumed. You may also harvest flowers (this is if you are the one taking care of watering the plant). Flowers can be traded for accessories after accumulating the required amount. Visit any cupid located in any of the major cities to exchange flowers for your desired item.

Lucent Heart‘s SM system also provides an option to marry so long as you already have the required number of match points. These points are obtained by doing emoticons for couples. Perhaps it is also important to note that you are restricted to marrying only one among the three. Should you wish to marry another, you will have to break up from your previous spouse by using a divorce paper which is available  in the cash shop.

Lucent Heart has several other features aside from its unique soulmate system. For one, it offers a vast pet system. A player can have any passive pets, zodiac pets, mythology pets, lucky god pets, and combat pets. The game also has this concept of the Astrolabe. This system allows its players to unleash their ultimate power. The type of power depends on the stated zodiac sign during character creation along with the choices you set as you play the game.

For more information about the Lucent Heart, you may visit its official website here.

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