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Sarada’s Errand – Boruto and the Close Call

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With the focus on Sarada, I really didn’t expect too much other than an understandable amount of father issues. I’ve gotten the impression that she doesn’t even have a clue what her father looks like (You’d think Sakura would keep a picture of him or something ><). Once again, I was surprised by the lack of Boruto in this episode, but hopefully it doesn’t stay that way for long.

At the Academy, having achieved general success in wall-walking, the class practices walking on water. Chōchō worries that she’s at a disadvantage (probably due to her weight) and Sarada fails to see the relevance of the exercise, questioning the purpose of walking on water when boats are a logical alternative. Shino then uses his chakra to disrupt the surface of the water, since real rivers are never steady, causing several students to lose their balance, including Chōchō and Sarada.

Later, Sarada heads home with groceries and spies Boruto and friends riding on top of a train, who then land in front of her. They invite Sarada to go fishing with them, but she passes and lectures them about riding a train properly, refusing to ever ride on the roof. At home, she sets about preparing dinner when Sakura comes home. She suggests adding some tomatoes to the miso soup, but Sarada once again questions the idea, thinking tomatoes and miso don’t go well together.

The next day, Sakura prepares to head out a planned trip with Ino, though seems hesitant about leaving her daughter home alone. She reminds Sarada that she’ll be home tomorrow and asks if there’s any souvenir she’d like, though Sarada sarcastically requests a father. Sakura then notices a stuffed toy she’d brought home to fix for a patient, which was supposed to be picked up to return. She briefly considers returning it herself, but Sarada volunteers. After Sakura leaves, Sarada calls the hospital and tells them she’ll bring the toy by later that afternoon, learning that toy is a present from the child’s father.

Once on the train, she finds a note from Sakura inside the bundle, expressing her confidence that Sarada will take care of everything and promising to have fun on her trip. The train arrives at the station and Sarada hurries out before the doors close, realizing too late that the toy is still onboard. She considers running across rooftops to reach the next station, but abandons the idea, believing it would make her no different than Boruto. Sarada hurries to the next station, but is stalled by an old lady trying to figure out the ticket machine. In a hurry, she helps the woman buy a ticket but by the time they reach the platform, the train takes off with the stuffed toy still onboard. Left with no other alternative, she runs to catch up with the train and jumps onto the roof. She admits to herself that Boruto was right about riding on the roof, but is nearly caught by Shikadai having heard her land on the roof.

Narrowly avoiding Boruto and friends catching her, Sarada leaps off the train and lands on a passing bridge only to run into Chōchō. Sarada reluctantly spills the whole story, begging Chōchō to keep it a secret, and they head to the lost and found at the central station. The clerk finds the item she described, but upon opening it, Sarada instead finds a handmade voodoo-esque doll. The clerk reveals that another package similar to hers had also been abandoned but was already claimed, and the girls decide to track down the doll’s owner. Chōchō leads them to a shop in an out-of-the-way marketplace known for selling items from other villages. She approaches an old lady in the rear of the shop and, after trading a bag of chameleon plant and fish sausage flavored chips, learns that the doll comes from the Hidden Waterfall and is used during the memorials for the villagers’ ancestors, one of which is due to be held that evening.

The girls hurry towards the river where the ceremony is being held, and manage to deliver the doll to its owner only to find that Sarada’s package had already been sent down the river. She runs to catch up with it and realizes she has no choice but to walk across the river to retrieve the toy. Luckily, she manges to grab and toss it to Chōchō before being distracted by Boruto and friends on the other shore and losing her balance (when they catch her, she flatly passes it off as going for a swim). Eventually, Sarada manages to return the doll to the hospital.

The next day, Sakura returns to Sarada once again making dinner, the latter having relented to adding tomatoes to the miso soup.

My opinion of Sarada was kinda indifferent before, but she seemed ridiculously stubborn here. I don’t get why she thought being able to walk to water was pointless. What, had she never seen anyone run across a river before? She probably scoffed at the idea of wall walking, too. I don’t know that I’d go as far as calling her stuck up like Boruto did, but it did seem pretty typical for her to reject something different and then not want to be caught enjoying it. And I did think it was a tad clichéd for Sakura to visit the spot where she and Sasuke had their first date, especially since Sasuke wasn’t even there. Still, it seems like Sakura and Ino have finally gotten over their ridiculous rivalry. I was a little confused by the episode preview, since it seemed to be the same as that “Day Naruto Became Hokage” thing that came out with the Boruto movie. Naturally, I figured there’d be more added to it, but it still seems like they’ll be rehashing that special.

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