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Sarada’s Journey – Boruto And The Boy With The Sharingan

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I was a little confused to see another Sharingan user in the preview, and a little creeped out ’cause he wasn’t blinking. It does look like Sarada is about to get more than she bargained for in her search for answers. Chōchō’s delusional mindset also seems to have reached a whole new level. Once again, there was a lack of Boruto in this episode but I suppose that’s to be expected with the current storyline. Hopefully, things get better soon for everyone


Somewhere in the world, Sasuke clashes with a hooded figure. He manages to knock them down with his Chidori, and finds his attacker bearing both the Uchicha crest and the Sharingan. Meanwhile back in the Leaf, Sarada’s runs to Naruto’s office, hoping to get some answers about her father. Inside, Naruto receives a message by hawk from Sasuke about the boy who attacked him. He contacts Kakashi about it, who speculates the boy is either a Uchicha survivor or he’s connected to a certain someone. Sarada arrives outside the door just in time to overhear Naruto talk about meeting with Sasuke in person. Later, she meets Chōchō by the village gates just as Naruto is preparing to leave. Moments after he departs, Boruto arrives with a bentou from Hinata. Sarada steps up, offering to deliver the bentou to Naruto, but Boruto refuses. He intends to give Hinata a piece of his mind, saying she should know better, but Sarada still insists. Shikamaru tells her where Naruto is heading and after Boruto reluctantly hands her the bentou, she and Chōchō take off.

When they stop to rest, they’re suddenly attacked by the same boy who previously attacked Sasuke. He introduces himself as Shin Uchiha and attacks them, claiming his “father” told him to retrieve Sarada (although Chōchō seems to think he means her). The girls fend him off, but when the boy moves to kill Chōchō, Naruto arrives to intervene. Shin’s eyes then shift to reveal the Mangekyō Sharingan and he attempts to attack them with remote controlled weapons. However, Naruto activates Sage Mode to stop them, much to the girls’ surprise. Shin effortlessly dodges Naruto’s attacks, until a shapeless Sharingan-bearing creature advises him to retreat and then vanishes (in a manner similar to Kakashi’s Kamui). Impressed by seeing him in action, Chōchō begins thinking that Naruto might be her “real father,” even putting his hand on her head to test the theory (but ultimately rejects it). Still believing Shin was targeting her, she wonders aloud if she’s become the “fair maiden that everyone’s fighting over.” Naruto assures her that Sarada was most likely the target, and decides to allow the girls to continue on with him, feeling returning to the village would be too dangerous.

Chōchō despairs over their journey being diverted from finding her “real father,” now asking what Sarada’s father is like since she’d never met him. Sarada admits that she doesn’t remember him, and Naruto describes him as being handsome and popular with girls, always getting top grades at the Academy (all of which he also accredits to himself). He adds that Sasuke was also his rival even now, and that Sarada reminds him of both her parents in both her appearance and fighting style. Sometime later, they approach tower where Naruto had arranged to meet Sasuke. Once again, Chōchō can no longer keep so they decide to take a break. Anxious at being so close to her father, Sarada sneaks away and heads for the tower, while her overwhelming emotions awaken her Sharingan. She enters the tower, completely dark save for a single torch. A cloaked figure emerges from a shadowed corner of the room and as he steps into the torchlight, Sarada is overjoyed to recognize him as her father. But before she can say anything, Sasuke draws his sword and, seeing her Sharingan, asks if she’s “one of them.”

I really didn’t except Sasuke’s response to seeing Sarada. Sure, it’s understandable he’d be cautious of someone approaching him, but pointing a sword at your child? You’d think even he would recognize his own daughter. And then there’s Sasuke being targeted because he killed Itachi (technically, he didn’t). It irritates me when villains, minor or major, uses rumors like that as motivation without even looking into it. I remember Itachi’s death pretty well, and as I recall, he died from a long-term illness and Sasuke did not actually kill him. I’m not sure how widely known that information is in the Naruto world, but I doubt it’d be hard to find. Besides, I’m positive Itachi wouldn’t want to be avenged (He cleared the air with Sasuke; let me the man rest in peace already ><).

I am still very irritated with Chōchō. Her delusions about her parentage and being the center of people’s attention is one thing, but she keeps chiming with unnecessary comments, most of which are grossly irrelevant. And I must admit, I was a tad embarrassed by her inability to keep up with Sarada. Yes, she could just be that out of shape, but even Choji could keep up with his teammates. And it’s not just her stubborn adherence to finding her “true parents” that bugs me. She goes off half-cocked with absolutely no idea of who to look for? Was her plan to just walk up to every man she sees and ask if he’s her father? At least Sarada has someone in mind, misguided as it may be.

Based on the preview, things are gonna get pretty tense with this little family reunion. As happy as Sarada would be to finally see her dad again, no doubt she’s more than a little resentful towards his absence in her life. I’m sure at some point I’d imagined what kind of father Sasuke would be, but even with all he’s done over the years, I never expected him to be a deadbeat dad. More  than anything, I just want to see this Sarada business wrapped up quickly with everything out in the open. And hopefully, Chōchō gets her own wake up call very soon.

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