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Spooky October Specials: 5 Great anime / manga series to check this Halloween

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Relax, go and get your popcorn! Watch and/or read these anime/manga series! These will definitely not bore you out.

Number 1:  D. Gray Man
by: Katsura Hoshino
Publisher: Viz Media
Studio: TMS Entertainment


If you are looking a great action/dark fantasy series this Halloween, try watching or reading D.Gray Man. Yes, this series does have both anime and manga version.

Surely you will not be bored with the members of the Exorcists organization. With the power of “Innocence” in their bodies, engaging in battles to destroy Akumas may be tough but not impossible – especially with Allen Walker who wishes to defeat the Millenium Earl!!!

Number 2: Mirai Nikki mirai nikki
by: Sakae Esuno
Published by: Tokyopop and Viz Media
Studio: Asread


What is a Halloween without series involving scenes with blood and death? Mirai Nikki will definitely answer your wish for an anime under Psychological thriller and Suspense. It even involves romance!

Join Yukiteru Amano in a bloody game to determine the next god of Time and Space! Will his Future diary help him survive, or will he fail and meet his end?

Number 3: Black Bird black_bird_manga
by: Kanoko Sakurakoji
Publisher: Shogakukan


Is Romance-comedy still the genre you desire? Well then, read Black Bird. This shoujo manga will take you to a world where supernatural beings exists.

Misao Harada has been living a not-so normal life as she can see beings other people can’t. On her sixteenth birthday though, these beings suddenly try to kill her. Thanks to Kyou Usui, her life was saved. But wait, he is a demon as well?! How will her life turn out when she discovers she is actually the “Bride of Prophecy”?

Number 4: xxxHolic
by: Clamp
Publisher: Kodansha
Studio: Production I.G.


Have goosebumps as you watch and/or read xxxHolic! One of the best stories made by Clamp, this series involves Kimihiro Watanuki who is consistently bombarded by spirits which normal people do not see. Join his adventures in solving supernatural mysteries as he helps Yuko’s shop.

If you are to watch/read this series however, it will be best if you check out Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle since both are actually related to one another.

Number 5: Kamisama Hajimemashite
by: Julietta Suzuki
Published by: Hakusensha/ Viz Media
Studio: TMS Entertainment


If you are looking for an anime series that can give you a light feeling, check out Kamisama Hajimemashite! This series will make you laugh and feel the romance while taking you to a world of  supernatural beings.

The story revolves around Nanami Momozono who suddenly became the land god of the Mikage Shrine. Join Nanami as she tries to fulfill her new responsibilities and know how will her feelings for Tomoe, the Shrine’s familiar, turn out in the end.

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