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Spooky Scary Magical Girls: S.O.S

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Trick or Treat:

In honor of this, the spookiest of months, this post is going to be a little different. I’m going to give some brief, 100% accurate and not misleading in any way… reviews of three shows and it’s up to you to guess which ones (if any) are ‘’tricks’’ and which are ‘’treats’’.

One rule, No Googling!  Some of you are going to have heard of these before but I found it entertaining to think about these shows in a different way so hopefully you will too. Fingers crossed we have some people who haven’t, but either way this should be pretty fun.

So, with that out of the way, let’s get going!

Studio- Shaft
Studio- Shaft

Starting this themed set off strong is the one and only Puella Magi Madoka Magica. This is a definite staple of the genre. It does everything you want in a Magical Girl anime and more! There’s an adorable sidekick, a veritable host of adorable characters, magical powers and cool transformation sequences, all filled with sparkly goodness.

It follows the adventures of a young girl by the name of Kaname Madoka and her friends in their journey of self discovery to become true magical girls following their encounter with the digimon-esque Kyubey who grants them their powers. It’s not so straight forward and boring as that though, as they face a few minor hurdles along the way and the show nearly tricks you a few times into thinking things worse than they are… but not to worry, it’s nothing this lively crew can’t handle!

Make your guess, is this a trick or a genuine treat…?

Studio- J.C Staff
Studio- J.C Staff

Next up, Witchcraft Works!

This one is a magical girl anime in more of a literal sense. The main character is a fairly average guy who, seemingly, falls headfirst into a wold of adventure, and, take a wild guess, witchcraft! Simply by sitting next to the school’s idol But things here aren’t so peaceful as they seem and he quickly becomes entangled in a war between the two witch factions.

The general feel of the anime is very light-hearted and the art style reflects that (the over-sized pointy hats never fail to make me smile) though, having said that, there are some pretty dark, tortuous parts to the story if you pay attention. It’s not the most original show but it’s a really fun watch and if you were looking for an anime to get some costume ideas from this Halloween, this wouldn’t be a bad place to start!

But am I telling the truth… is there some darker twist I may have ”forgotten” to mention that may take you by surprise…?

Studio- Studio Deen
Studio- Studio Deen

And finally, to top off our spooky scary little Magical Girl anime triangle, comes Kore wa Zombie Desu ka?

This is very much the dark horse of the bunch. It’s significantly more brutal than the other two and a more than a little serious!

A functionally immortal zombie has appeared in town and is terrorizing the local magical girl and her friends! He even goes so far as to take their powers for himself!! But when a greater evil appears they are forced to band together in a desperate struggle to defend themselves and bonds slowly develop, though trust is hard to come by.

I enjoyed the show and the twist it put on the genre which I, to my shame, used to consider a bit cliché. The animation budget was well spent on the action sequences, some of which are true highlights of the show, and there is even a little humor here and there.

But can this show really be as dark as it seems and still be ”tenuously” in this genre? Or have I possibly over-exaggerated a bit?

Like I said, you might have seen or heard of a few of these before. But if you haven’t (whether you were fooled or not), then this might be a good chance to get into a show you might normally have overlooked in a different, and hopefully interesting, way! And if I did actually catch anyone out let me know!

Hope you all have a good day and remember, NO GOOGLING!!


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