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Hello Everyone,

I currently live in Maryland and have been watching Anime since the age of 5. But after being introduced to MMORPG’s ( First being ‘Conquer Online’ ) at the age of 10 I quickly became a Anime & MMO junkie. I’ve watched hundreds of anime starting with my old time favorite ‘Dragonball’. Once i learned that Dragonball wasn’t a cartoon but an Anime. My young mind peaked in its curiosity and quickly learned of other anime such as the Gundam Series & Zoids.

Later on in life, MMORPG’s also became a big hobby of mine. Playing for hours on end grinding the best gear, talking to guild members and killing other players just for the fun of it. I’ve played hundreds of MMORPG’s testing their mechanics and overall balance. But usually being the anime lover i am pushed towards Anime styled MMORPGs more.

After my daughter was born on January 1st, 2014; I had an idea that later turned into a calling of sorts. I always wondered why anime & MMORPGs are sort of a social taboo. I didn’t want my daughter growing up to feeling as i did that being a teenager in middle school & high school. Like expressing your love for something the majority doesn’t fully accept is something bad or off limits. As i was never truly open about my passion for anime and MMORPGs to my friends and acquaintances until later in life.

So over the past few months I’ve wondered how i can make a difference in both communities. The idea i have come up with is something that never been done before and what i came up with is “Unime”. Currently Unime is under raps and not alot of information can be given out. But with the help of this site.. Unime’s first blog “UnimeTV’. I hope to draw in anime lovers from across the globe until Unimes official release!

Blogger -Polona

Hey! My name is Polona Kaplar and I am passionate about blogging, especially about the things that make my life special! I love anime and have recently started writing reviews and such on my blog Sapphire’s Lair. I would love to share my thoughts, interpretations and musings with the rest of the anime enthusiasts! Anime universe is vast and offers so much, if you are only willing to listen and see! If you share my fondness as well I hope to see you around!

Blogger – Brandon

My name is Brandon Lee, and I’m just an enthusiast who loves to write about my anime experiences. I have been watching anime since I was 4 years old, starting with Naruto and One Piece, so I might be the youngest out of the bunch. Also, I’m kind of new to the anime fandom in general, even after watching anime for like 15 years or so. Just like Javone here, I never quite understood why anime was a social taboo. Now that I took up writing, I feel like I can break this tradition, one article at a time. You can catch me doing opinion articles and news posts.

Blogger – Alexa

Blogger – HikazePrincess

Hi, I’m HikazePrincess (just “Hikaze” is fine, too). I’ve been watching anime for almost 14 years now since the age of 12. Back then, it was mostly Yu-Gi-Oh! and Pokémon. Although most otaku I know don’t really count those as our first anime (since we didn’t really know what anime was at the time), I still count Yu-Gi-Oh! as mine and it is still very dear to my heart. I branched into more mainstream anime when I was 14-15, and it was around that time that I started cosplaying. I attended my first con in 2007 and have been regularly attending cons ever since.

I am big fan and supporter of English dubs, though I do not hate Japanese dubs. There are plenty of Japanese seiyuu I adore, but English dubs are my preferences mostly because that’s what I grew up with (and also it’s easier to meet English voice actors than Japanese ones). Believe me, there are great dubs out there.

Anime may be concerned a social taboo by some, but there was a time when rock n’ roll was concerned taboo. I may be able to blend in with Muggles from time to time, but I will always be a wizard at heart.

Since joining this site, I’ve mostly been doing anime reviews and Jpop articles. At some point, I will also start writing reviews of anime conventions I attend.

Blogger – PsyAnime


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