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Sumire’s Fate – Boruto Fights for a Friend

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Since the Ghost arc wrapped up in the previous episode (thankfully), naturally this episode focused on Sumire’s future and whether or she would return to the Academy. I assumed she would since she truly seemed to enjoy herself there, and it should count for something that she surrendered willingly. Though I did wonder if she would even be allowed to return given everything she’d done, surrender or not. Either way, Boruto seemed intent on her coming back.


Several weeks have passed since the end of the Ghost incidents, and Boruto notices his new visual power hasn’t activated since that day, perhaps because the Ghost is no longer around. Meanwhile, Naruto walks through Senju Park with Shikamaru and Sai, happy to see everything back to normal. Sai tells them Sumire confessed to everything and that she was stopped thanks to Boruto and her friends from the Academy, finding solace in their presence after a life of solitude. Naruto expresses gratitude that they approved her admission to the Academy, but Shikamaru reminds them that allowing to her remain there may cause problems.

Later at the Academy, Shino informs the students that their outdoor classes will soon come to an end as the school’s reconstruction is almost complete. He also announces that henceforth they will be forming new three-man teams so as to try different formations and find compatible teammates for post-graduation. A few students inquire about Sumire, and Shino tells them that she will be unable to participate in training until she’s physically able. He then dismisses them to choose their teams, and Mitsuki quickly joins with Boruto. Denki tells Boruto that only Mitsuki and Iwabe are able to keep up with him, though reveals that he’s formed a team with Iwabe. Boruto briefly considers asking Shikadai, only to find he’s already resigned himself to the third generation of the Ino-Shika-Cho trio. Finding most of their classmates already spoken for, Mitsuki suggests asking Sumire but Boruto quickly silences him. The others then admit that it may be impossible for her to return, having committed treason against the village, but Boruto insists she will return.

That evening, Shino approaches Iruka about Sumire, still under the custody of the village police to prevent contact with other survivors of the Foundation. Shino inquires about when Sumire will return, offering to keep an eye on her, but Iruka reminds him that whether or not the police permit it, the decision to return is ultimately up to Sumire. Elsewhere, Boruto arrives home to find Naruto has returned home early and decides to ask him about Sumire. Naruto reiterates that Sumire is in a difficult position and Boruto begs him to let her return to the Academy. Naruto reminds him that he has to consider the welfare of the village and assures Boruto that he won’t let Sumire down. Meanwhile, Shino goes to visit Sumire who acknowledges the severity of her actions and strongly desires to make amends to her classmates. She seems surprised when Shino forgives her for stealing his chakra, saying the incident gave him an opportunity to grow as a teacher. He reminds her that her detention is nearly over, since no one was hurt during her attack, and encourages her not to give up on herself.

The next day, Inojin informs the others that his father gathered files on other villages’ academies, leading them to suspect Sumire is transferring to another school and they resolve not to tell Boruto. Shino then announces another “capture the flag” shinobi training exercise using the scaffolding on the nearly completed school building (which is ironically how the building was wrecked in the first place). After reminding them not to destroy the building again, he tells them two teams at a time will start at the bottom while trying to obstruct each other and the first team to reach the top wins. Boruto’s team (finally settling on Metal as their third member) faces the Ino-Shika-Cho team. Both teams seem evenly matched, but Boruto manages to capture the flag (although they also destroy the scaffolding in the process). When they reach the ground, they notice Shino has left because of something involving Sumire. Inojin lets it slip that Sumire might transfer and Boruto takes off, but runs into Shino at the gate. Sumire then enters behind him, albeit hesitantly, and announces her return. To her surprise and simultaneous delight, her classmates seem overjoyed to have her back.

That night, one of Naruto’s shadow clones meets up with Sasuke outside the village and gives him a scroll regarding the Gozu Tennou. Sasuke attributes Danzo’s former secret weapon to Kaguya Otsutsuki, convinced it may help him reach her dimension. Naruto tries to convince Sasuke to return home for a while, but Sasuke merely asks him to pass along a message to Sakura before leaving. Meanwhile, a familiar figure reflects on Nue’s gate being sealed, calling it a temporary setback and not yet time for “Jougan’s turn.” Elsewhere, two other figures discuss adnormal tears in Kaguya’s dimension, believing that Kaguya has chosen to disobey and make plans to depart.

Seeing those guys from the movie at the end just further confuses me. Trying to figure out the timeline is hard enough since the movie came out first, but I’m wondering if the anime is just gonna catch up with the movie or jump over it and continue on. In the capture the flag exercise, it seems Chōchō doesn’t share her father’s sensitivity to being called fat (though to be fair, no one actually said the word “fat”). The preview implies that the next episode will focus on Denki and a ninjutsu test. Now that I think about it, I don’t recall seeing Denki in the movie (though it has been a while) and I wonder if this ninjutsu test has something to do with that.

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