The Inaugural 2017 “Unime” Awards!

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Best OP

Princess Principal


I adore steampunk-esque shows, and Princess Principal from the Summer season really fit the bill. The OP, in particular, was one of my favorites this year, combining beautiful visuals and an entertaining sequence with a great song with tones of classy jazz. After all, what works better than a nice saxophone to get you psyched to watch a steampunk spy show set in an alternate London?




Gamers! as a show is already good enough as it is, but throw together some beautifully animated, incredibly executed, and extremely accurate parodies of various video games, as well as an awesome little action scene that totally fits the name of the show, and you get a really stand out OP. The song is performed by the voices actors of the three lead female characters of the show, and they do a great job. The vocals are great on the track, and the instrumental is fun and bouncy. I can’t honestly say I enjoyed watching and listening to any OP more than this one.






Chronos Ruler


Chronos Ruler had some good moments, which include the OP song, called Ruler Game, but I can’t say the same     for the rest of the soundtrack. From all the anime I’ve seen this one kinda stuck the most in my memory. The             combination is something I usually call »happy-go-lucky songs« and I probably wouldn’t like it half as much if           didn’t have some good guitars in it. The artwork is decent but nothing spectacular, the best trait for my taste is         actually the colour selection with shades of blue and purple and the whole time and galaxy theme in the                   background. The ED is rather good too, the visuals especially!


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