The Inaugural 2017 “Unime” Awards!

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Best Acting

Made in Abyss


For Best Acting, I chose Made in Abyss. I feel that it takes quite a bit of skill for a voice actor to play a child, and even more so for the child to seem truly childlike. From the adorable arguments early on to the gritty scenes in the later episodes, Riko and Reg’s Seiyuu’s did an amazing job portraying their characters. I was really impressed with the acting, and I do believe that their voices definitely improved the show.




Not only can the female voice actors sing, but they can actually act too! The guys on the show are the exact same way, as well. Every character feels expressive, and the writing of the characters really helps to compound the acting, and make for a genuinely solid performance. Without these actors, I doubt I would look at the show the same way, and that’s the mark of a good performance.







Princess Principal


When you have more than one or two main characters you can let go of some minor mistakes or inconsistencies. With five main characters Princess Principal offers a variety where anyone can find something they’ll like. Even though I find the anime full of clichés I can honestly say I loved the acting here. The five spies migrate from role to role, from personal life to the life of secrets. Each one has a certain strength that made me look forward to the next episode. Along with great storytelling it’s fun to watch, plus the whole steampunk setting makes it even better!





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