The Inaugural 2017 “Unime” Awards!

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Best in Fantasy

Made in Abyss



Made in Abyss was really the first Fantasy show in quite a while that really and truly went above and beyond any expectations I had for it. The first episode was absolutely beautiful, a masterpiece in writing, and as the show went on, it really made me think. With a very unique art style, as well as an amazing soundtrack, the show carries an impressive amount of emotional clout. My favorite part, however, has got to be the way it gives me what I always look for in a Fantasy anime – Adventure. The sense of adventure, of exploration, delving into the unknown and uprooting the wonders of the world is what makes Made in Abyss my choice for Best in Fantasy.

The Ancient Magus’ Bride

Mahoutsukai no YomeAustryker:

There’s a lot I could say about The Ancient Magus’ Bride, but to keep it simple, this show continually peaks my interest. The visuals are phenomenal, the voice talent is great, and the world and story are compelling and explained with just enough detail that it leaves a little bit of wonder lingering in your mind after finishing an episode. The soundtrack really adds an extra layer to it, making this show, all around, a great experience. It’s one of those shows where I can sit down and get lost in a world of thought, and that’s exactly why it’s my pick for this year’s Best in Fantasy.


Being a huge fan of fantasy in general, this  was both an easy and hard decision.  Maybe because it’s still fresh in my mind and maybe because I can relate to this anime so much, I find it simply captivating. The story, the presentation of the magical world, the all present element of mystery make up for a perfect concoction of everything I love in a fantasy world. There’s a strong emotional component to it, but it goes deeper then just relationships between characters, connects it to the world we live in itself. The sense of wonder, the development in main characters along with amazing visual art and sound design make me think this anime is truly one of a kind.


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