The Inaugural 2017 “Unime” Awards!

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Best in Romance

Tsurezure Children


Tsurezure children caught my eye as a Romance show early on in the season that I started airing in. With short episodes and quite a large cast, the show didn’t have quite the emotional clout that many other Romance series boast. However, I felt that the show did a fantastic job of portraying exactly what it did: young love. With the teens all going about finding love in their own, awkward way, I felt it was presented extremely well, and it really resonated with some of my own experiences in my teenage years.


This show really displays, quite well, how actual teen romance plays out, and does it through a plethora of relationships, rather than focusing on one. Though at times it can be quite ridiculous, the show manages to boast more relationships that I can personally relate to and feels more real to me than most other romance shows in recent memory. I’m personally excited for more.



Scum’s Wish


Romance is not what I look for in anime or otherwise, meaning I had a short list to pick from for Best in Romance. As I tend to get cynical about love anyway, this anime really gets to me. The main characters fall in love with people they can never be with and to subdue their longing and loneliness, they try to get together. This anime has nothing to do with the usual cute and light shoujos. It’s dark and presents the ugly underbelly of love and relationships. It strikes closer to reality than anything else I’ve seen lately. It’s not fluffy and easy-going as is usual for romance anime. Scum’s wish follows a painful path, showing how people really just try to use manipulation to make themselves feel better.


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