The Inaugural 2017 “Unime” Awards!

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Best in Comedy



While there were quite a few shows this yeah that I would consider to be great Comedy shows, BLEND-S really took the top of my list. The silly humor, outlandish, moe characters and beautifully funny scenarios were all written so very well. I always went into each new episode not knowing what would be in store for me, and my expectations were always overcome. It did such a great job of throwing new, crazy, but utterly hilarious scenarios at us each week, while keeping the characters solid and the story pure. While the humor was mostly clean, the time when it did get dirty went above and beyond in making me laugh, and that’s what I did, from the first episode to the last.



Not being a particularly huge fan of comedy anime myself, I went into 2017 expecting to not find many laughs throughout the year. So, as I went into the RomCom Gamers!, and watched through the first episode, for the first 20 minutes or so, it felt as though my expectations were, yet again, being met. However, this show flips the formula on its head, and becomes a quasi-satirical RomCom that exaggerates tropes and fully embraces all the things that I would generally say I dislike about the genre. This show caught me off guard, and as the series progressed, I genuinely enjoyed it. It hits me right in the sweet spot that most comedy anime seem to miss.


Another type of anime I don’t really go seeking out, but I do appreciate a good banter. It’s a combination of romantic comedy with some cringe worthy scenes. Presenting the world of gamers and game developers with a good measure of hilarious moments is exactly what you get. Throw in some fresh young love and a bunch of miscommunication and you get a disastrous mix that somehow never crosses into sounding or looking too forced.

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